Mitigating the Five Major Pitfalls of Implementing Automation

July 14, 2020

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Makino's Senior Project Manager Dennis Dunn will walk you through the five major pitfalls to avoid when implementing automation. He will also show you how to reap the rewards of a successful launch…all while sleeping soundly at night. In this entertaining and informative presentation, you'll learn what common things can go wrong with automation projects and the best practices to follow to save time, money, and unnecessary headaches.


Primary Topics:

  • The five major pitfalls to avoid when implementing automation
  • Proven solutions for sticking to your budget and schedule
  • The simplest way to ensure a successful automation launch


Dennis Dunn
Senior Project Manager, Makino
Dennis Dunn has worked for Makino for 30 years—spending the last 20 years as a Senior Project Manager. He has successfully managed well over 100 complex, turnkey and automation projects for automotive, commercial, and aerospace programs across North America and Asia. Dennis comes highly requested by repeat customers and internal stakeholders due to his stellar reputation as an expert in automation project management.