Improve Efficiency with Simulation Data Management

June 19

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This webinar will cover how Teamcenter Simulation Management improves the efficiency of simulation activity. The webinar will highlight product configuration and architecture management, CAE BOM creation, model management, parameter management, workflow management, collaboration, data re-use, process automation and traceability between design requirements and verification results. It will include traditional CAE (3D) workflows, system simulation (1D) workflows and combined 1D-3D workflows. Finally it will cover tool launch, process automation and Webapp capabilities that lead to substantial efficiency gains. 

Primary Topics: 
• How design requirements, CAD data and system architectures are linked to simulation results and key performance indicators (KPIs) 
• How simulation workflows can reuse and control revisions on model definitions 
• How data is shared from a single source of truth and reduces the time waste associated with “data safaris” 
• How a data management foundation leads to automation efficiencies 
• The benefits of associating system engineering definitions (requirements, functional and logical), geometry, properties and other engineering data leads to a closed-loop digital verification system 
• How given a closed-loop verification system, you can plan and monitor program progress and assess program risk. 

Presenter: Paul Weal 
Paul has 30 years of engineering experience in vehicle and product development, and is currently a Portfolio Development Executive in the Simcenter Portfolio Development team of Siemens PLM Software where he focuses on the application of simulation technology. Paul has gained key expertise through execution and program management of engineering projects and working with customers across several engineering domains including durability & fatigue, structural dynamics, noise & vibration, vehicle dynamics, and other key performance attributes.