Reducing Energy Consumption of Conventional, Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles Through System Simulation

December 12

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Reducing CO2 emissions in conventional and hybrid vehicles as well as optimized drive setup in electric cars is a challenge constantly growing in importance. 

Learn how to solve this task quickly and efficiently with a Modelica® based system simulation, built up on lumped networks and dedicated model libraries. 

ESI’s SimulationX specializes in the field of multiphysics system simulation for modeling, simulating, and analyzing complex dynamic systems. By assessing the consequences of technical decisions, eliminating errors and reducing the number of physical prototypes, helps you early on in the development process when the impact on time and costs are still low. 

Primary Topics: 
* Reducing CO2 emmisions in conventional and hybrid powertrains 
* Increasing the range of electrical vehicles 
* Introduction on modeling, simulating and analyzes based on system simulation 

Presenter: Thomas Hofmann 
Thomas Hofmann is Product Marketing Manager for SimulationX. He graduated as Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering in 2012 at TU Dresden in Germany. In 2013, he joined ITI (today ESI ITI) as technical marketing engineer and played a significant role in the industry task forces for energy technology, marine technology and heavy machinery. In his current position as Product Marketing Manager, Thomas represents the software SimulationX worldwide and is the link between customers, software development, engineering and sales.