The Digital Journey of a Comfortable Seat – Craftsmanship through Cut & Sew 4.0 Technology

October 14

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The two global leaders in cutting and sewing technology, Lectra and Durkopp Adler, will discuss the newest Industry 4.0 digital technologies used to produce luxurious, functional and comfortable seating.

With innovative, complex new designs in dashes, consoles, door panels, head rests, and seating, digital precision allows you to create unique interiors and seating for an exceptional end user experience. This powerful technology will be leveraged to create the new autonomous interior of the future.

Participants will learn how Lectra’s digital cutting room technology and Durkopp Adler’s digital sewing technology helps our global automotive customers to lower costs per car set and respond faster to your customers' needs.

Primary Topics:
• Manage, control and optimize your operations in Mexico
• Standardize and manage connected global networks
• High speed flexibility to respond to increased trim levels
• Access critical information to make the right decisions as you adapt to market changes


Jim Collins
VP Automotive, Lectra
Jim is Lectra North America’s automotive team leader. Over the past 30 years, he held key roles in the marine industry for 10 years and then moved into automotive including 10 years at Lectra. With deep knowledge and expertise in the digital cutting room, Jim provides invaluable strategic and tactical insights to our global automotive customers.

Mariano Amezcua
President, DAP America
Mariano’s responsibilities include sales, distribution, supply chain and technology applications for industrial sewing, welding and sealing, automation and robotics, and performance management software. He has held sales and service leadership positions at PTC, Varian, Danaher and Lectra.

Marcia Kort
Sales Manager, Tachi-S
Engineering USA - Marcia is responsible for new business development. She has over 20 years of automotive seating experience with Magna, Lear and GM.