Demystifying IO-Link: The Nuts and Bolts

April 23, 2020

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Do you know the benefits of IO-Link? This simple point-to-point communication technology has numerous benefits for your operations. As the first standardized IO technology worldwide, this powerful technology enables you to easily communicate with sensors and actuators. IO-Link is the future of automation and can help empower Industry 4.0 communication so you can have better access to all data in your operations. But do you know what that data will actually look like in your PLC?
In this webinar, SICK will go more in depth on IO-Link and show you what the data actually looks like in RSLogix. In addition, you’ll learn how function blocks make the information easy to use and understand.

Primary Topics:

  • Deep dive into the IO-Link technology
  • Live Demo of what IO-Link data looks like in RSLogix
  • Learn how function blocks make information easy to understand


Jake Meidl
Market Product Manager - Presence Detection, SICK
Jake Meidl is a Market Product Manager for Presence Detection at SICK. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering. He enjoys learning about new opportunities for innovation and problem solving to identify the root cause of problems, which has drawn him to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.