The Connected Operation: Cut Costs with High-Speed Flexibility, Analytics, and Sustainability in the Digital Cutting Room

May 07, 2020

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As diverse types of interiors are needed across a variety of transportation and mobility platforms, producing an interior from seating, to door panels, consoles, dashes, headrests, and headliners has become more complex. Plus with the increased demands for more personalization from Millenials and Gen Z, how do the Tier-1/Tier-2 manage this complexity to respond to their OEM customers in the new decade?

Lectra’s global leadership in the digital cutting room is entering a new phase for a new decade. Leveraging our expertise across Fashion, Furniture and Automotive gives us a unique perspective from consumer trends to their impact on the supply chain and production processes.

Learn how the consumer is driving change, and how the connected digital cutting room will allow you to respond faster to your OEM customers’ needs, access to production analytics, and achieve a new level of sustainability using less material and power consumption to drive down product costs.

Primary Topics:

  • The consumer influence on digitalization and personalization
  • Adapting the production environment to a changing market
  • Leveraging data analytics from the connected digital cutting room
  • Driving down product costs through sustainability


Luis Magana
Advanced Technology Center Director, Lectra
Luis Magana is the head of Lectra North America’s Advanced Technology Center, one of three globally. Over the past 11 years, Luis has held the role of operations consultant working with our customers across Mexico focused on achieving operational excellence.

Mark Thomson
North America Marketing Leader - Automotive, Lectra
Mark Thomson is Lectra’s North America marketing leader for Automotive, with 20 years of experience in Information Technology end-to-end solutions, network operating centers, mission critical enterprise services and the consumer.