Toyota, Harley-Davidson Nab Top Lightweighting Awards

Electric motorcycles, free-standing seat frames, composite steering knuckles and tension leaf springs


Vehicle Wholesales in China Jump 15%

Year-to-date volume still lags, but gap is closing quickly


Farley to Replace Hackett at Ford

Hackett retiring at 65; Farley taking the reins at 58. Effective October 1


GM Charges FCA with Corporate Espionage

New claims of offshore accounts, boardroom moles and more


Cheap Chinese EVs Coming to Texas

Geely affiliate to launch U.S. sales this year

Hella Goes Global with Next-Gen Headlight

Software allows carmakers to meet varying standards with one system


Sheryl Connelly Looks Toward the Future

While no one knows what the future will bring, as Sheryl Connelly explains, it is better to anticipate what might happen than to be blindsided if you don’t.


Yes, Hybrids Still Matter

And hybrid—mild, full and plug-in—are likely to continue to be important as the industry makes the transition to full electrification. An examination in three parts.


Lordstown Motors Plans IPO

Reverse merger strategy for year-end offering


Three Things

Three people. Three topics. Infinite insights.


Mazda Shows Sales Strength

Maybe we’re not talking huge numbers, but let’s not underestimate the importance of good news

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing for Supercars

Bugatti’s titanium tailpipe cuts weight by 39%


Cylinder Deactivation Can Benefit Diesels Too

In this case, it’s mostly about reducing emissions—but fuel economy gains still add up. 

Steering to the Future

Electric power steering systems have come a long way in a short time. Are steer-by-wire systems next?


Seven Cool Tools

Increase operational productivity with these new developments


The Steering Wheel: How Did We Get Here?

Six key Mercedes steering wheel designs of the past bring us to its all-new design for 2021.

Coming Soon: Mercedes’ Software-Defined Cars

Nvidia-powered system will enable continuously upgradeable capabilities.


Bronco Designer Talks Product Development

Here’s how the 2021 Bronco was designed to both look like and perform like a Bronco—the iconic 4x4, yet brought up to the moment—explained by Paul Wraith, the vehicle’s chief designer


McLaren Taking Out More Mass

Supercar builder uses everything from composites to titanium to lighten vehicles.


A Visual Pursuit of Value at Adient

An approach to value analysis/value engineering at one of the world’s leading seating suppliers.


Faurecia's Interior Rx

The cockpit of the future promises to be a comfortable, highly personalized and healthy experience.


ZF Forms Electrified Driveline Business

New unit combines former powertrain and e-mobility divisions


ZF Moves to the Front with Electric Parking Brakes

Performance, design and weight benefits coming to smaller vehicles.