Freudenberg Leans into Industry 4.0

CTO/COO Ted Duclos talks about dual roles and common objective

Materials & Lightweighting

Tesla Inks 5-Year Lithium Deal with Chinese Supplier

Materials strategy mimics multi-sourcing battery plans


What You Should Know About High-Speed Machining

The tools go a whole lot faster—40,000 rpm, perhaps—but the advantage is not parts per hour but in the ability to make precise parts with less induced stress


Nissan Aims to Forge Tech Alliances with Suppliers

Sourcing increasingly includes Toyota affiliates

Toshiba Touts Electric Motor Breakthrough

Magnetic wedge promises improved efficiencies


Revolutionary Hydrogen Storage Tank Design Could Propel H2 Deployment

Rather than storing hydrogen in a large cylindrical tank, Noble Gas has developed a conformal system

Car/Ride Sharing

Personal Car Ownership Fends Off Public Transport During Pandemic

EVs gaining acceptance but the pace needs to accelerate

Interiors & Electronics

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring

Where efficiency meets surprising luxury


Designing the Ford Bronco Sport

An inside look at the development of what will become a new icon


Cooper Standard Shuffles Execs

Couch and Pumphrey to add responsibilities as DeBest departs the company


COVID Exacerbates Supplier/OEM Relations

Improved communications and other best practices advocated


2021 Toyota Sienna

A minivan that no one will have to apologize for owning


Veoneer Exec Tapped to Head AV Computing Consortium

Creating standards for sensors and processors


Machining Gummy Materials: A New Use for Sharpies

Organic films help metal removal Purdue researchers discover


Polestar 2 and Clever Lighting Execution

The nights can be long in Scandinavia, so the Polestar 2 designers and engineers have created a lighting system for the EV that automatically handles the darkness


Another Application for Geo-Fenced AVs: Factory Logistics

Partners team up on valet parking and other niches


Opposed-Piston Engine Developer Touts 2027 Diesel Emissions Capabilities

Achates moves closer to production, starting with commercial vehicles

John Oates Talks Cars and Music

He’s not one of those guys who hits it big and decides he needs a fast car. As he says on this “Autoline After Hours,” when he was a kid he talked his parents into buying a Pontiac GTO

Interiors & Electronics

2021 Mazda CX-9 Signature AWD

One of the best midsize crossovers—and you’re likely not familiar with it.

Autonomous Vehicles

Velodyne Spins Ahead with New Lidar Contracts

Deals with Motional and May Mobility Follow Baidu Partnership

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles in the Norwegian Winter

A pilot program will start in Oslo during Q1 2021—when there’s plenty of precipitation, including the white fluffy kind


Smart Wheelchair Tech Wins Toyota Mobility Challenge

Putting technology to work for those who need it most

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