Bollinger Electric Trucks to Start at $125,000

Prices will start at a hefty $125,000 each for the electric SUV and pickup truck models being readied by Michigan-based startup Bollinger Motors LLC.


Bollinger Motors Debuts Production-Ready Electric Truck, SUV

Bollinger Motors LLC has unveiled production versions of its all-electric B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck.

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EV Startup Plans Pickup Truck

Bollinger Motors LLC, which last year announced plans for its all-electric B1 off-road SUV, also is developing an electric pickup truck.


Nearly 100 EVs and Plug-in Hybrids Will Debut in U.S by 2022

More than 95 plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles will be launched in the U.S. through 2022.


Bollinger Reports 10,000 Reservations for its Electric SUV

Bollinger Motors LLC says it has collected 10,000 no-deposit reservations for the boxy B1 electric SUV it unveiled in July.


Bollinger Keeps it Simple with EV Interior

Stamford, N.Y.-based Bollinger Motors LLC says its upcoming B1 electric SUV will have a minimalist design featuring traditional mechanical controls and analog displays.


Startup Touts Flexible, Lightweight Off-Road EV Platform

Bollinger Motors LLC says its upcoming B1 electric offroad vehicle will feature an all-aluminum chassis, adjustable hydropneumatics suspension and dual-motor all-wheel drive.