ABB Acquires Chinese EV Charging Specialist

Swiss engineering and robotics giant ABB Group has agreed to purchase 67% of Chargedot New Energy Technology Co., which supplies charging systems for electric vehicles.


Plastic Omnium Shuffles Management Team

France’s Plastic Omnium SA is reorganizing its management team to bring in younger leaders to help prepare the company for long-term growth.


Collaborative Robots: What You Should Know

The touch-sensitive, safety-minded devices occupy a growing niche as manufacturers find new, truly collaborative applications.


VW to Launch EV Charger Network in Canada

Volkswagen AG has created a new Canadian subsidiary to deploy a network of public charging stations for electric vehicles.


VW Hires Installers for 2,000 EV Chargers in U.S.

Volkswagen AG has chosen four suppliers to develop and install more than 2,000 quick-charge points across the U.S. by the end of 2019.

Autonomous Vehicles

Volvo to Test Autonomous Electric Buses in Singapore

Truckmaker AB Volvo has signed a deal with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to develop and test autonomous electric buses over the next two years.


Robotics Today

A look at some of the new automation technology that can improve productivity.


ABB Joins Northvolt Battery Plant Project

Swiss engineering giant ABB Group has joined an effort by Stockholm-based Northvolt AB to built a €4 billion ($4.7 billion) facility in Sweden to make batteries for electric cars.


Swiss Firm to Supply 117 More EV Chargers for Germany’s Autobahns

Swiss engineering firm ABB Group says it will deliver another 117 quick-charge kiosks to energy supplier EnBW AG for use along the German autobahns.


First 150-kW Charging Station in U.S. Opens for Testing

EVgo Services has opened a test station in Fremont, Calif., that will allow electric vehicles to be recharged at a rate of 150 kW, which is three times more powerful and faster than current public stations.


Adding Auto Capacity... in Finland

Although you may not think “Finland” and “automotive manufacturing,” you should know that there is a company based in Uusikaupunki that has been building cars for a variety of manufacturers since 1969.


Repurposed Volt Batteries Power GM Data Center

General Motors Co. is using five used lithium-ion batteries from retired Chevrolet Volt electric vehicles to help power a new enterprise data center at the company's proving grounds in Milford, Mich.


GM Plans Secondary Use for Lithium-ion Batteries

General Motors Co. is developing a post-vehicle application for lithium-ion batteries used in its Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid car and future electrified models.


An EV Challenge

One of the challenges that auto companies face when it comes to selling (or more likely leasing) electric vehicles (EVs) is that not only must they convince potential customers of the viability and reliability of the vehicles, not only must they do tremendous work explaining that while it is pretty much like a car it doesn’t make any engine noise because it doesn’t have an engine, not only must they try to overcome the objection that the range is limited even though the person who may buy the car is likely not to regularly commute for a distance that is even a fraction of the total potential battery range. . . they must also help develop the infrastructure for the EVs.


Pumping Electrons

One of the issues regarding the growth of electric vehicles (EV) is that of infrastructure: There are far more gas stations in the U.S. than even the number of McDonald’s and Starbucks combined, so there need not be any range anxiety associated with a car that takes regular or premium.  Electricity is something else entirely (physically and metaphorically). Tesla is addressing its owner fleet by tactically installing “Superchargers,” which allow its Model S vehicles to be given a comparatively quick charge (20 to 30 minutes). Last week it opened its first in Michigan, in St.


EVs and Infrastructure

One of the primary concerns that is undoubtedly inhibiting the growth of electric vehicles (EVs) is that whereas there are gas stations located here, there, and everywhere, there aren’t a whole lot of places where people can find a public plug.


GM, BMW and EVs

Chances are, your visits to the gas station take about 5 minutes total to fill up.


Looking at Some Robot Tech

If you were to see the actual version of this, the MotoEye LT laser seam-tracking device for tracking weld joints at high speed and in real time from the Motoman Robotics Div. of Yaskawa America (motoman.com), you wouldn’t see that red triangle emerging from the bottom of the camera, the SF-D camera from Servo-Robot.


Chevy Volt Batteries Power Home Backup Unit

General Motors Co. has developed a prototype power storage unit for homes that uses five batteries recycled from Chevrolet Volt extended-range hybrid cars.