Lightweighting Special Coverage: Software for Lightweighting Composite Parts

Atlhough this software has its genesis at NASA, a new version of HyperSizer helps automotive engineers create lightweight composite part designs.


Sustainable Manufacturing: There Are Apps for That

Software that supports sustainable manufacturing and environmentally conscious products help make going green somewhat easier.


Professional Workstations Are Still Important

With all the clamor about tablets and mobile phones, one could easily forget about workstations. Don’t. Nowadays, they’re even more primed for the heavy lifting in CAD.


Vettel, Victories and. . .CFD

As is undoubtedly known by anyone who cares, Sebastian Vettel of Infiniti Red Bull Racing, recently won his fourth Formula One world title in a row, which puts him in the ranks of Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher.



Just about everyone knows Dell Inc. for its laptops and desktop computers.


Solar Team Uses PLM to Compete: Who Says Lib Arts Students Aren’t Tech-Savvy?

“So easy, even a team of liberal arts college students can successfully use it.” We’re guessing that that’s not the sort of thing that the marketing people from Siemens PLM Software will use to promote their NX digital product development system, but it caught our attention that a team from Principia College, a small—as in about 525 students—liberal arts college in Elsah, IL, has used the software to design and engineer a solar race car, the Ra 7, which they are presently campaigning in the 2011 Veolia World Solar Challenge in Australia.


Field Guide: Dassault Systèmes

While Dassault Systèmes is all about 3D virtualization-create, share, and experience life through virtual design, production, testing, and simulation-the company's software products are anything but virtual.


What Makes CPD Collaborative?

Collaborative product development (CPD) is more than just slinging 3D models back and forth and viewing them. Here’s a sample of some of the technologies working behind the scenes.


Tools to create real products virtually

Simulation tools to test the wear and tear and just about everything else about new products are getting pretty close to the real things.


Improving Analysis With Better Physical Fidelity

A Look At The Latest LMS Virtual.Lab


The Trends In CFD Are Continuous, Dynamic, And Real

A variety of new computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software packages are just a mouse click away for part and product designers—with a lot more capability to boot!


FEA: Beyond the Analysts

Finite element analysis (FEA) is no longer a comparatively expensive, functionally limited tool with limitations with regard to both interoperability and accuracy. In fact, the software is simpler, better, and, yes, even cheaper. It is helping the virtual become real. And it can even be used by people who don’t have the word “analyst” in their title.


True Collaboration Now Possible Through Engineering Portals

Engineering design portals provide valuable, inexpensive, readily available solid model translation, simulation, and analysis services right to your Web browser—and across your entire supply chain.


Analysis Software: From A to Z

The entire lifecycle of a product—from design through production—can exist in a virtual world available for simulation, analysis, and optimization. And for each problem in that lifecycle, there's an analysis tool.


Reciprocating Engines Never Had it so Good

Before a single piston part is produced, Zollner Pistons has run it through a complete design and analysis process to ensure optimized part design and high part quality—in record time.


Back to Basics: Analyzing Smaller Chunks in FEA Leads to Part Optimization

While FEA is firmly entrenched in engineering—based on a lot of mathematics and physics—this easy-to-use tool is invaluable for part and product optimization.


Designing Better Buses

Here's why a German bus manufacturer is implementing computer-aided engineering (CAE) capabilities in its product development cycle.