Rivian CTO Departs

Long-time Apple tech guru Mike Bell leaves EV startup after 9 months


NYC Fleet to Go All-Electric by 2040

More than 30,000 on- and off-road vehicles impacted


World’s Top Auto Brands Defend Their Rankings

Brands are forever jockeying for superiority over their rivals.


Siri to Steer Self-Driving Cars?

Apple’s latest patent filing aims to guide autonomous vehicles


Tesla Puts a Price on Connectivity: $9.99 a Month

The free ride is over for Tesla buyers in terms of in-vehicle internet hotspots and related connectivity services.

Autonomous Vehicles

Waymo Joins Apple App Store

Waymo has made its autonomous ride-hailing app for robotic taxis available for download via Apple Inc.’s App Store.


Jaguar Still Makes Sports Cars

Get the feeling that more companies are just making performance SUVs and calling it good?

Interiors & Electronics

Jag F-Type Gets New Look

Jaguar Ltd. is giving its F-Type coupe/convertible a makeover that includes a redesigned front-end, upgraded interior and a more powerful V-8 engine.


Toyota Unveils 302-hp Hybrid RAV4 Crossover

Next year Toyota Motor Corp.'s RAV4 small SUV will add a high-performance model that boasts all-wheel drive and a 302-hp plugin hybrid powertrain.


VW to Make Market-Specific Variants of New EV

Volkswagen AG says it will build variants of a new ID.-badged electric crossover vehicle for China, North America and Europe when the EV is introduced in late 2021.


VW to Share Autonomous-Car Know-How

Volkswagen AG says it is willing to share future technologies for Level 4 and 5 self-driving vehicles with other carmakers to defray development costs.


Apple Co-Founder: Robo-Cars Unlikely Anytime Soon

Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak, once a proponent of autonomous vehicles, now doubts the technology will be available within his lifetime.


Uber Debuts Helicopter Service in NYC

Uber Technologies Inc. has launched a multimodal platform in New York City that includes a helicopter ride between lower Manhattan and John F. Kennedy International airport.

Toyota C-HR Crossover Gets Mid-Cycle Update

Toyota Motor Corp. is giving its C-HR compact crossover a mid-cycle makeover for the 2020-model year, including revised styling and added features.

Interiors & Electronics

GM Infotainment Gets Enhanced Google Power

General Motors Co. will begin using Google Inc.’s updated Android Automotive operating system in vehicle infotainment systems in 2021.

Autonomous Vehicles

The Rush to Automated Driving: Why?

The race is on to be first to deliver autonomous driving – but what is the true destination in the market?

An Armored Bentayga

A whole new level of “driving safely”

Next-Gen Juke Grows Up, Adds Tech

Nissan Motor Co.’s redesigned Juke compact crossover vehicle is larger, better equipped and features less polarizing styling than the first-generation model that launched in 2010.


Camry Finally Gets Android Auto

Toyota Motor Corp. is adding the high-volume Camry sedan to its 2020-model lineup in the U.S. that are getting Google Inc.’s Android Auto smartphone connectivity system.

Autonomous Vehicles

Many Driver Aids Are too Annoying

Many drivers in the U.S. are switching off such aids as automatic lane-keeping because they find the constant alerts too irritating, says a new study by J.D. Power.


2019 Nissan LEAF SV PLUS

It is a nice midsize car that just happens to be electric. Which is a good thing.