GM and EVgo Make Massive EV Infrastructure Investment

Not only is GM increasing its electric vehicle portfolio, it is working with EVgo to build out charging infrastructure
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Chevy Enhances EV Charging Station App

Access expands to 40,000 stations and 30% more DC fast chargers
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Nissan Offers Leaf Buyers Charging Credits

Nissan Motor Co. says it will give U.S. buyers of its Leaf electric car $250 worth of credits to use at EVgo Services LLC charging stations.
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L.A. Adds EV Chargers to Streetlights

Los Angeles is adding electric vehicle charging units to streetlight poles across the city.


Uber, EVgo Team Up on Electric Rides

Uber Technologies Inc. and electric car charging network EVgo Services LLC have agreed to work together to increase the use of EVs among the ride-hailing firm’s drivers.
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Electrify America, EVgo Partner on Charging Network

Volkswagen AG’s Electrify America unit, which inked an interoperability agreement with rival ChargePoint Inc. in June, has announced a similar program with Los Angeles-based EVgo Services LLC.
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EVgo Installs Fast Chargers at Chevron Fuel Stations

Los Angeles-based EVgo Services LLC has begun installing fast chargers for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles at select Chevron stations in California.   
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On Electricity

Think back to visiting an airport about five years ago.
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Shell Buys U.S. EV Charging Firm

Petroleum giant Royal Dutch Shell plc has acquired Greenlots, a Los Angeles-based company that specializes in electric vehicle charging systems, from Energy Impact Partners (EIP). 
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GM Partners with 3 EV Charging Companies

General Motors Co. is partnering with three electric vehicle charging service providers to help EV owners in the U.S. find and access stations.
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Intelligent Transportation

Google Maps Plugs Into EV Charging Locations

Alphabet Inc.’s Google Map unit is adding information about electric vehicle charging stations, including location and directions.
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Porsche to Install 500 Fast Chargers in U.S

Porsche AG expects to have a network of 500 fast-charger devices for electric vehicles in place across the U.S. by the end of 2019.
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The Importance of EV Infrastructure

One of the reasons why Tesla has been doing so comparatively well in the electric vehicle space has nothing to do with its cars, per se.
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Nissan Leaf and the Challenge of Distance

According to Google, the distance between Boston and Washington, DC, is 439.6 miles via I-95 and that it would take 7 hours and 40 minutes to drive.
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First 150-kW Charging Station in U.S. Opens for Testing

EVgo Services has opened a test station in Fremont, Calif., that will allow electric vehicles to be recharged at a rate of 150 kW, which is three times more powerful and faster than current public stations.
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BMW, Nissan Help Fund U.S. Charging Station Expansion

BMW, Nissan and Los Angeles-based EVgo Services opened 174 fast-charging stations for plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles in the U.S. this week and plan to add another 50 facilities by the end of 2017.
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BMW and the Ultimate DC Charging Machine

Imagine pulling up to a gas station with a GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Etc. logo and topping off your tank and driving away without having put a charge on a credit card or cash.
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BMW Unveils Suitcase-Size Fast Charger for EVs

BMW AG is introducing a 100-lb , $6,500 fast charger for electric vehicles and plug-ins.
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Nissan to Offer Leaf Buyers Free Battery Charging

Nissan Motor Co. is preparing to introduce a new program in July that will give some of its U.S. customers to buy or lease a Leaf electric car free public charging for two years.
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Nissan, NRG to Create Fast-Charge Network for EVs

Nissan Motor Co. and NRG Energy Inc. plan to install 500 quick-charge facilities in major U.S. cities over the next 18 months to bolster interest in electric cars.
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