BASF Touts New Radar Housing

Minimizing electromagnetic interference is key

Materials & Lightweighting

Sustainability Moon Shot

Greater cooperation called for to meet long-term goals
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Toyota, Harley-Davidson Nab Top Lightweighting Awards

Electric motorcycles, free-standing seat frames, composite steering knuckles and tension leaf springs
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Inside Xpeng Motors

A look at some of the technologies being deployed in a new factory building electric vehicles in Zhaoqing, Guandong Province


Hengst Develops Reusable Oil Filter Module

Spin-on plastic unit promises to reduce combined steel and oil waste by 642,000 tons per year 
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The Number-One Vehicle Paint Color Is. . .

Isn’t it sort of the absence of color?


BASF Building $10 Billion China Complex

Chemical giant BASF SE is building a $10 billion manufacturing complex in Zhanjiang, China, to make advanced plastics for the auto and electronics.industries.
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Renault May Join Euro Battery Consortium

Renault SA Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard says his company will join a European consortium to make battery cells for electric cars if there’s a viable business case to do so.
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HP Launches Industrial Grade 3D Printer

To get a sense of just how serious HP (www8.hp.com/us/en/printers/3d-printers.html) is about actually doing high-volume manufacturing with its new Jet Fusion 5200 3D printing system, know that when introducing the unit, which literally uses what can be considered print heads that provide a building speed on a machine of up to 309 in3/hr, Ramon Pastor, general manager and global head of Plastics Solutions at HP 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing, talks about having a machine that has “industrial level overall equipment effectiveness,” the sort of thing that one might hear regarding a machining center, and points out that because HP is a mass manufacturer it understands such things as the process capability index (Cpk), so the company has devised process control software for the 5200 Series that includes a machine-learning algorithm, which means that the printer will get closer and closer to its target value. “We are delivering a Cpk of 1.3,” Pastor says, adding, “We ask our vendors for 1.3.” There are three machines in the series, the 5200, 5210 and 5210 Pro, which is a capability walk toward more functionality and capability. “We are building a new market, a digital manufacturing market,” Pastor says, so to that end they are assiduously working with other companies, be they users (e.g., Jaguar Land Rover, whose Ben Wilson, additive manufacturing manager, said, “Our work with HP to advance our knowledge and in-house capability in 3D printing has been an important step toward production of quality parts to support current and aftermarket customers.
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HP Launches Industrial Grade 3D Printer

“Siemens and HP are thinking ahead to the future and are bringing together the best from both companies in a complete, industry-specific solution that will accelerate the adoption of industrial additive manufacturing and help our customers to increase flexibility, efficiency, and speed of digital manufacturing.”
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An Important Achromatic Color for Cars

The BASF Coatings Div. conducts an annual global survey of the color distribution across the automotive market and it seems as though when it comes to the color of choice, the consumers are rather vanilla in their selection, as white is the color of choice by a non-trivial amount compared to the number-two selection, black: 41 percent vs. 16 percent.
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Autonomous Vehicles

BASF Touts Lidar-Friendly Coatings

Chemical giant BASF SE says it has developed a coating technology to help lidar sensors in autonomous cars better detect nearby dark-colored vehicles.
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VW May Join German EV Battery Consortium

On Friday Volkswagen AG’s supervisory board will discuss whether the carmaker should join a German consortium that is mulling European production of battery cells for electric cars, Reuters reports.
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Mercedes Will Launch Ride-Hailing Service at BASF Campus

Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz Vans unit has partnered with BASF SE to develop mobility programs for the chemical giant, starting with a ride-sharing service for a BASF campus in Ludwigshafen, Germany.
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VW Denies U.S. Ambassador’s Role in Decision to Exit Iran

Volkswagen AG disputes the claim by U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell that he led negotiations to convince the company to stop doing business in Iran.
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BASF Creates a Color Palette for the Globe

The BASF Coatings division designers have made their annual assessment of color trends in the auto industry and their report for 2018-19 has been given the theme “Keep It Real.”


When Major Suppliers Are There It Is Real

BASF’s Coatings division to supply the surface-pretreatment and waterborne coatings for the NIO ES8, a seven-passenger electric SUV.
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Simulating Steering Wheel Molding

BASF offers a flexible integral foam system, Elastofoam I, for steering wheels. 


Hot Running Adapts

As automakers embrace new plastics, hot runner technology evolves to keep up.
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EU Pushes Regional Battery Consortium

The European Union will convene a meeting on Oct. 11 to encourage the region’s top automotive and tech companies to form an Airbus-like consortium to develop battery systems for electric cars.
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