April is the Windiest Month

Like many auto companies, Honda is working to reduce its environmental impact.
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IMTS 2014 Preview

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Industrial Control Keeps Getting Better

The changes in PLCs and PACs aren’t so much in operational, but in networking, user interface, and compute horsepower.
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CNG Availability and Price Proposition

Although there is a tremendous amount of interest in the electrification of the vehicle—there must be something there, not only because of the tremendous investments being made in the technology (for example, there’s this article in the current issue of the magazine about GM and electrification), but also because of the sturm und drang associated with it (as in the recent Tesla-versus-the-New York Times situation). But some people think that there is a more immediate means by which there can be reduced use of petroleum without wholesale changes to vehicle architectures: compressed natural gas (CNG). As this map from the U.S.
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Additive Manufacturing

EuroMold 2012 Introduces Two New 3D Printers

3D Tech & the Re-localization of Manufacturing


Solidscape’s 3ZPRO, Wireless Production

Better 3D materials; powerful powders/thriftier aluminum parts; wireless 3D printer; SLS material minds the gap.
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EV Battery Boost from Research Program?

Although the biggest challenge for the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs) is undoubtedly the battery—they tend to be expensive, heavy, and not all that great when it comes to providing range—arguably, given the number of organizations that are zealously trying to develop batteries this is something that is likely to be overcome.
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GE Unveils More Efficient Traction Motor for EVs, Hybrids

General Electric Co. says its prototype 55-kW permanent-magnet traction motor costs less to make, tolerates high operating temperatures and has almost twice the power density of conventional traction motors.
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What Auto Can Learn from Aero, and Vice Versa

Like the auto industry, the aircraft industry is focused on improving the performance of its vehicles, concentrating on such things as reducing weight and using alternative fuels. So we talk with one of Boeing’s top people to find out what’s going on in that field.
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Materials & Lightweighting

Green Guide: Green Manufacturing 101

Delphi's exhaust gas heat exchanger; Green Manufacturing 101; What is GreenED?; Ford's Sustainable Materials Shopping List
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Visteon Sells Headquarters

Visteon Corp. says it has sold its 287-acre headquarters complex in Van Buren Township, Mich., for $81 million.
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HondaJet on Track (Well, “Track” May Be the Wrong Word, But. . .)

In case you were wondering, Honda’s business jet project is still on track.
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Field Guide: GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms

In its 20 years, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has proven to be very much in control-of its automation and control technologies and services.
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B2MML Explained

Why does the acronym B2MML look familiar?


Programmable Logic Controllers Transformed

A new generation of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) yields a new acronym: PAC (programmable automation controller). There’s a lot more control power today.
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Plastics: The Return of Body Panels?

A problem with plastics and steel structures is a difference in the coefficient of expansion. Some material modifications may ameliorate that problem.
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Developing the Lotus Elise Series 2

How GM, Toyota and a Couple of Gutsy Managers Made the U.S. Version of the Two-Seater a Reality
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Do Plastic Body Panels Have A Future?

Remember those Saturn commercials showing shopping carts bouncing harmlessly off of plastic body panels? Good idea, right? But apparently the approach never really caught on. Now the question is: will it ever?
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When Controls Converge: CNC,PLC & PC

Good news! CNCs, PLCs, and PC-based industrial controllers are beginning to look and act more alike. They are also quickly losing their island status on the plant floor. The result is industrial controllers that do more on the plant floor.
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