Harley-Davidson’s Revenue, Income Drop

Harley-Davidson Inc.’s net income for January-March fell 26% to $186 million as retail sales of its iconic motorcycles slipped 4% to 55,000 bikes.
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Harley-Davidson May Bid for Rival Ducati

Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Inc. is preparing a bid for Italian motorcycle maker Ducati Motor Holding SpA., sources tell Reuters.
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Toyota Driver Sets Le Mans Lap Record

Kamui Kobayashi set a lap record with a time of just under three minutes and 15 seconds during qualifying runs in his Toyota TS050 Hybrid around the 24 Hours of Le Mans’ Circuit de la Sarthe course to earn the pole position at this weekend’s endurance race.
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Harley-Davidson Recalls 57,000 Motorcycles for Oil Leak

Iconic motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc. is calling back 57,000 of its 2017 model bikes in the U.S. to repair an oil cooler line that could come loose and spray oil onto the road ahead of the rear tire.
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U.S. Car Brands Will Skip Tokyo Auto Show, Again

General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles don’t plan to participate in the 45th Tokyo auto show Oct. 27-Nov. 5, organizers of the biennial event tell reporters.
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UPDATE: Harley-Davidson Offers Rebates to Dealers

Harley-Davidson Inc. is offering its dealers rebates, an unusual move for the iconic motorcycle maker, to help clear out stocks of unsold 2016-model bikes.
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Baker to Head R&D at Dayco

Troy, Mich.-based powertrain supplier Dayco Products LLC has hired Charlie Baker as a senior vice president in charge of research, development, engineering and program management.
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Harley-Davidson Settles Emission-Defeat Device Complaint

Harley-Davidson Inc. has agreed to pay $15 million in civil fines for selling an aftermarket engine kit that could be used to evade the emission controls on its motorcycles.
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5-0 Meets i3

In what may come as something of a surprise move, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that it is deploying 100 BMW i3s in its fleet.
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HOG, JOG and the EMEA

For those of us who live in the United States, there are two motor vehicle brands that seem to be quintessentially “American.” One is Jeep.
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Earl, Disney, Musk, and Pixie Dust

Harley Earl, Walt Disney, and Elon Musk have the magic of design in common.
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Ducati Performance

Back in 2012 Audi bought Italian motorcycle manufacturer extraordinaire Ducati for €860-million which, at the time, probably seemed like a good idea.
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Harley-Davidson’s Profit Slips as Sales Slow

Harley-Davidson Inc.'s net income dropped 12% to $752 million in 2015, dragged down by a 1% drop in unit sales and a 4% dip in revenue.
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Autonomous Vehicles


As today is the first day of 2016, it is a good time to think about the future.
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Harley-Davidson Recalls 185,000 Bikes

Motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson Inc. is recalling many of its 2014-2015 models because their saddlebags could come loose, fall off and cause a crash.
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Harley-Davidson Affirms Modest Sales Forecast

Harley-Davidson Inc. reports its net income in the second quarter dropped 15% to $300 million.
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Harley-Davidson Trims Production

Harley-Davidson Inc. says it will ship about 85,000 motorcycles in April-June 6,000 fewer than originally planned to help reduce dealer inventories.
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Harley-Davidson Quarterly Sales, Profits Decline

Third-quarter revenue for Harley-Davidson Inc. dropped 4% to $1.1 billion, and net earnings fell 8% to $150 million.
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