Waymo Confirms Driverless Rides

Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo self-driving car unit has begun testing driverless rides as part of its robo-taxi pilot program in Chandler, Ariz.
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Frito-Lay, Transportation and the Environment

Addressing greenhouse gas reduction in the snack food supply chain
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Waymo and CAE

In its effort to transform mobility, Waymo is racking up lots of miles—most of them simulated.
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U.S. Postal Service Tests Autonomous Big Rig Trucks

The U.S. Postal Service is launching a two-week pilot program today to test self-driving trucks that will travel between its distribution centers in Arizona and Texas. 
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Autonomous Vehicles

Can Autonomy Help Reduce Diabetes?

Autonomous vehicles may have a future benefit that no one ever talks about: Overall health improvement for the people formerly known as “drivers.” This is a conclusion that can be drawn from a recent Gallup survey that shows that Transportation workers—as in people who drive long-haul trucks for a living (as well as bus drivers, pilots, and even ship personnel)—have a higher rate of diabetes than other major occupations.
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Big Numbers & Light Ones

Forged aluminum wheels for trucks—as in Class 8 trucks, for example—are evidently big business.
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Transformation to 4.0

Let’s face it: there is a whole lot of existing infrastructure in factories around the world. Going from day-to-day, getting it done to Industry 4.0 will take technology, vision and leadership.
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New Toyota Car Hauler Runs on CNG

Toyota Motor Corp.’s Toyota Transport unit in Long Beach, Calif., has begun operating what it says is the first car hauler in the U.S. that runs on compressed natural gas fuel.
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VW: No Interest in Buying U.S. Truckmaker PACCAR

Volkswagen AG has dismissed as "complete rubbish" reports that it may try to acquire American commercial truckmaker PACCAR Inc.
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Ronald Armstrong, currently president of commercial truckmaker PACCAR Inc., will take over as CEO on April 27.
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PACCAR Exec Hired to Head Navistar’s N. American Truck Unit

Navistar International Inc. has recruited Bill Kozek, a 26-year veteran of rival truckmaker PACCAR Inc., to head its North American truck business.
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VW Considers Buying a Stake in Navistar

Volkswagen AG is pondering the idea of buying equity in U.S. commercial truckmaker Navistar International Corp., according to the Financial Times Deutschland, which cites no sources.
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VW May Be Eyeing Navistar Stake

Volkswagen AG is studying the idea of buying equity in Navistar International Corp., according to the Financial Times Deutschland, which cites no sources.
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