Yes, Hybrids Still Matter

Hybrids—mild, full and plug-in—are likely to continue to be important as the automotive industry makes the transition to full electrification. An examination in three parts.
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Materials & Lightweighting

13 Suppliers Take Home PACE Innovation Awards

Lightweighting applications to advanced communications and improved visibility
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Track-Testing Schaeffler’s e-Mobility Tech

For years Schaeffler Group USA has been helping carmakers make their powertrains more efficient through electrification, supplying everything from components to turnkey systems.

Toyota Tops Carmakers in 2018 Patents

Toyota received an automotive industry-best 2,500-plus patents in the U.S. last year, according to Harrity & Harrity LLC.
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Autonomous Vehicles

Singapore Teams People and Tech in "Smart Nation" Initiatives

Thanks to strong government support, Singapore has become a leader in the development, testing and implementation of self-driving vehicles, ride-sharing, mobility-as-a-service and a host of smart city initiatives. 
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Schaeffler Will Cut 900 Jobs in Europe

German bearings supplier Schaeffler AG says it will shed 900 jobs and may close as many as five small factories after posting a 13% drop in pretax earnings for 2018.
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Schaeffler Addresses E-Mobility

The changing landscape requires not only new approaches to powertrains—but even new types of vehicles. Here’s how one supplier is addressing these changes.
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Yazaki Creates Clever Terminal

Even though there are plenty of things that people take for granted and consequently that that’s just the way things are, innovative thinking can change them, significantly.
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Schaeffler Pedals Up Urban Mobility Vehicle

Germany’s Schaeffler AG plans to begin testing its electric-assist quadracycle this summer and launch limited production for commercial applications next year.
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Schaeffler Will Close 2 U.K. Plant Over Brexit Worries

Schaeffler Group says it will close two factories in the U.K. and move their production to facilities in China, Germany, South Korea and the U.S. over the next two years.
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Euro Consortium Developing Better Laser Surfacing

The objective of ultraSURFACE is to develop equipment that will reduce surface processing time to a tenth of conventional approaches—and costs by half.


Schaeffler Expands Ohio Production Complex for 21st Time

Schaeffler Group is again expanding its powertrain production complex in Wooster, Ohio.
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Autonomous Vehicles

Schaeffler Forms By-Wire Joint Venture

Schaeffler AG and Paravan GmbH have formed a joint venture to develop and commercialize drive-by-wire electric control systems for autonomous vehicles.
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Conti Moves Ahead with IPO for Powertrain Unit

Continental AG intends in early July to unveil a new corporate structure and make an initial public offering of a portion of its powertrain division, sources tell Bloomberg News.
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Study: Shift to Electrics Could Cut 75,000 Jobs in Germany

About 75,000 jobs in Germany could vanish if carmakers there follow through with aim to make 25% of their vehicles all-electric by 2030, Reuters reports.
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Schaeffler Opens Silicon Valley Tech Center

Schaeffler AG has opened a technical center in San Jose, Calif., to develop next-generation technologies and form partnerships with Silicon Valley startups.
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UPDATE: Conti Confirms Possible Restructuring

Continental AG confirms a Bloomberg News report on Monday that it is considering a major restructuring that could include spinning off certain operations as publicly listed companies.
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Porsche LMP Suppliers Praised

In 2018 the Porsche 919 Hybrid, which scored three straight victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and six world championship titles in the FIA World Endurance Championship, will be going on something of a farewell tour, and will finally end up in the Porsche Museum in the fall.
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Audi Goes Electric

The electrification of the powertrain is now standard for Audi. And it is a matter of course in Formula E.
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Schaeffler Adds Hybrid System Capabilities to Ohio Plant

Schaeffler AG is investing $60 million to retool its plant in Wooster, Ohio, to make hybrid modules for an unnamed carmaker in the U.S. next year.
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