Additive Manufacturing

VW to Use Next-Gen Stratasys 3D Printer

Multi-material rapid prototyping that is 99% accurate to production parts

Rapid Prototyping

Learning Additive at General Motors

Kevin Quinn, GM director of Additive Design and Manufacturing, talks about why teaching people about additive is important to the OEM’s efforts to advance the use of the technology
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Honda to Make Ventilator Compressors in Ohio

More good works in the fight against the coronavirus
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The Other Side: 3D Printing for Medical Equipment: Stat

A 21st century tool to help take on the 21st century virus. And if you have capacity, you can help.

Fuel Cells

“Reckless” military-grade with hydrogen fuel cell propulsion; A more communicative VW Golf; cryogenic hydrogen; Stratasys in space.

“Reckless” military-grade with hydrogen fuel cell propulsion; A more communicative VW Golf; cryogenic hydrogen; Stratasys in space.  
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Rapid Prototyping

Racing to Additive

Rapid prototyping or 3D printing, while getting faster and more capable, as well as having more materials that are suitable for the wide array of processes, is rapid in the context of prototyping.
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Additive Manufacturing

Racing to Additive: Race Teams Look to 3D Printing

A number of race teams are finding that 3D printing and rapid prototyping is a means to an end—and that end is winning races.
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Additive Manufacturing

Stratasys and Pantone Achieving Design Intent

Stratasys has signed an agreement with Pantone such that the company’s J750 and J735 PolyJet 3D printers are endorsed by Pantone as meeting the PANTONE Validated standards.
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Additive Manufacturing

Printing Production

There is clearly a growing interest in how the additive process can be further moved from limited production to, well, production.
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Audi and 3D

“Design is one of the most important buying decisions for Audi customers,” says the company’s Dr. Tim Spiering, who continues, “therefore it’s crucial we adhere to supreme quality standards during the design and concept phase of vehicle development.”
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Additive, Here and Now

Some people insist that 3D printers and other additive manufacturing will remove metal cutting and injection molding from the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers wonder how long until they are able to 3D-print high-volume production parts. Capabilities exist right now that may be surprising.  
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Additive Manufacturing

Evolve Advances Additive—Manufacturing

If you’re interested in additive manufacturing—even interested while fully thinking that you really need some reasonable production volumes, say of 15,000 to 20,000 parts, and know that what’s out there right now pretty much is limited to a fraction of that number—then here’s an acronym to know: STEP, and a company to stay aware of: Evolve Additive Solutions.


Ford Invests in 3D-Printing Startup

Desktop Metal Inc., a Burlington, Mass.-based 3D printing company, says it has raised an additional $65 million to bring total investment in the firm to $277 million.
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Tech Watch: Dec. 2018

There’s a high likelihood you’ve either driven or taken a ride in a vehicle that was touched by GKN Driveline, a division within the global engineering firm of the same name that makes driveline technologies for 90-plus percent of the world’s car makers.
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Printing Prototypes

Skorpion Engineering, an Italian firm with operations in both Milan and Turin, is deploying 3D printers from Stratasys to produce complex prototypes 50 percent faster than it was able to do when it was using clay modeling to produce components.
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Tech Watch - Oct. '17

Investing Big in LiDAR (Again) The race is on for next generation LiDAR technology that will be the foundation of autonomous driving and big investors are making chase.

Additive Manufacturing

Stratasys Enables 3D Printing to Go Long

Three-dimensional printing, which literally builds objects out of thin air, debuted more than 25 years ago.

Print Parts on Saturday, Race on Sunday

The McLaren-Honda Formula One race team plans to use a Stratasys 3D printer at next week’s Bahrain Grand Prix to quickly modify and produce parts during practice sessions ahead of the race.  
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Additive Manufacturing

Ford’s Approach to Additive Manufacturing

Although 3D printing has become something that is hip an almost artisanal among the digital cognoscenti and within the maker movement, there is the set that contains 3D printing as a subset—additive manufacturing—which is something that is being pursued in earnest by a number of mass manufacturers in order to achieve parts and products the likes of which would be difficult if not completely impossible to produce with conventional methods.
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