Materials & Lightweighting

Tesla Inks 5-Year Lithium Deal with Chinese Supplier

Materials strategy mimics multi-sourcing battery plans


The Electric Future Is Here & There’s No Going Back

New lower-cost batteries could mean that we've reached the tipping point for the industry’s shift to BEVs earlier than had been anticipated.
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Why Norwegians Like BEVs

There are those tremendous tax savings. . .
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The Case of CASE

A presentation at the Society of Automotive Analysts’ 5th Annual Mobility Innovations Summit
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Interiors & Electronics

OnStar Offering Insurance

Leveraging connectivity for advantage
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BMW Unveils the iX EV SUV

While it isn’t going to be available until early 2022, BMW wants to show that it is in the lux EV SUV space, too
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Designing and Engineering the Lucid Air

Developing an electric vehicle—comprehensively and deliberately.
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Panasonic to Work with Tesla on Next-Gen Battery

Expansion planned for Nevada Gigafactory


The Future Is Electric and Now

Paul Eichenberg says suppliers need to be positioning themselves for a different automotive future—or ride their businesses to an inevitable end
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Autonomous Vehicles

Tesla Hikes Price of “Full Self-Driving” Tech as Beta Testing Begins

NHTSA to keep close tabs on safety
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Engineering the 2020 Nissan Sentra

An inside look on how an impressive compact sedan came to be
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Outlook for North American Tooling Firms: Not Good

Harbour Results sees bumpy times ahead for North American producers of things like molds and dies
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Fuel Cells

Talking Powertrains with IAV’s Mike Kenhard

The engineering firm does work for the auto industry on everything from embedded software systems to automated technology. But here we’re learning about powertrains—and an unexpected development
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3 Things with Derek Jenkins, Sandy Munro and Brett Smith

Automotive insights from three leaders in the industry, including Lucid’s Derek Jenkins on design, Sandy Munro on manufacturing, and CAR’s Brett Smith on suppliers.
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Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells, Ballard, China and Mahle

Ballard once had as much attention as Tesla. (Well, maybe not quite that much, but. . . .) It may turn out that the fuel cell tech developer was right
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Cadillac Is Designing for the Future Today

Here’s how Cadillac is transforming its look as it transitions to an electric future while not ignoring the wonderful time that brought it to today
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Tesla Outlines Next-Gen Battery and Other Future Plans

Breakthrough battery tech and $25,000 EV teased, but Wall Street wasn’t impressed
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Interiors & Electronics

Engineering the GM Full-Size Utes and More

On this edition of “Autoline After Hours” we have the man who is in charge of global products for General Motors
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Tesla Cashes in on Surging Stock

No immediate plans for $5 billion capital hike other than a show of strength
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Polestar: How to Launch an EV Company

Polestar USA head Gregor Hembrough on the challenges of creating a new brand
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