EV Owners Get Free Parking in Nissan V2G Demo

The Summer Olympics have been postponed a year. But that hasn’t stopped Nissan from opening its technology pavilion that features bidirectional EV charging stations.
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Nissan CEO Sees No Major Problems with Renault-FCA Merger

CEO Hiroto Saikawa tells reporters that Nissan detects no “particularly negative” aspect of the proposed merger between Renault and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.
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Infiniti Moving HQ Back to Japan in 2020

Nissan Motor Co.’s Infiniti unit says it will move its headquarters from Hong Kong, where it has been located for seven years, back to Japan in mid-2020.
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New Leadership Structure Expected for R-N-M Alliance

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors reportedly aim to create a new entity to tighten oversight of their alliance without requiring an outright merger.
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Tires and Design Domination

Tire design is something that we don’t think a whole lot about.
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Nissan Postpones Debut of High-Performance Leaf EV

Nissan Motor Co. has canceled events later this week in Amsterdam and Yokohama to unveil an upgraded version of the Leaf electric car.
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Toshiba to Add EV Battery Plant in Japan

Toshiba Corp. is building a lithium-ion battery plant in Japan to meet growing demand for hybrid and all-electric vehicles.
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Cooper Standard Opens Japan Headquarters

Novi, Mich.-based Cooper Standard Holdings Inc. has opened a new Japan headquarters and engineering center in Yokohama.
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Lexus to Launch Yacht Next Year

Toyota Motor Corp.’s upscale Lexus unit plans to begin selling a 65-foot yacht in the U.S. by the end of 2019.
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Taro Ueda and Designing for Today

When he was growing up, the car was a “dream product.” But today Taro Ueda and his team at Nissan Design America are facing people who are not as interested in sheet metal as they are in what’s on the screens of their smartphones. Ueda understands that. And he’s working to make sure Nissan design stays relevant.
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Car/Ride Sharing

Nissan Readies Mobility Services in Japan

Nissan Motor Co. says it will launch a car-sharing service next week in Japan.
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Car/Ride Sharing

Nissan to Test Robo-Taxis in Yokohama

Nissan Motor Co. and Japanese e-commerce software giant DeNA Co. plan a public test in March of their Easy Ride self-driving taxi service in Yokohama.
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Sumitomo, NTT Docomo Test 5G Communications

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. and NTT Docomo Inc. are jointly testing the collection and delivery of traffic information using high-definition sensors connected via a fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications system.
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Former GE Exec Named Nissan’s Chief Information Officer

Nissan Motor Co. has hired Anthony Thomas as a corporate vice president and chief information officer, effective Oct. 23.
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Car/Ride Sharing

Nissan Goes Small with Car-Sharing Program in Japan

Nissan Motor Co. is launching a car-sharing program with its tiny New Mobility neighborhood electric vehicle in Yokohama, Japan.
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Bosch and ABS for Bikes

When it comes to motorcycles, the U.S. is far from being the dominant producer.
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Autonomous Vehicles

Nissan Queues Up Self-Driving Chair for Waiting Lines

Nissan Motor Co. is demonstrating another self-driving chair concept to help promote its autonomous vehicle technology.
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Yokohama Rubber Buys Alliance Tire Group

Japanese tiremaker Yokohama Rubber Co. has agreed to purchase the Alliance Tire Group BV from private equity firm KKR & Co.
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Japan Jumps into Vehicle Anti-Hacking Effort

Developers in Japan are working on ways to defend tomorrow’s cars against hacking attacks that could threaten occupant safety, The Nikkei reports.
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Toyota Partners with Japanese Cities on Clean Hydrogen Production

Later this year Toyota Motor Corp. will begin testing 12 fuel cell-powered forklifts that run on hydrogen generated via a wind-powered water electrolysis process.
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