Israeli Firm Eyes High-Volume Carbon Fiber Body Applications

Advances could make the lightweight material a cost-effective way to boost EV driving ranges


Nissan Speeds CFRP Process

Advanced simulation and improved compression molding could be the key to carbon fiber’s future


McLaren Readies Lightweight Architecture for Future Hybrid Cars

Produced in-house, the carbon-fiber tub will start underpinning new models next year


Paint by Supercar Numbers…Big Numbers

Carbon Fiber Finish Adds $443K to $3 Million Koenigsegg Supercar


Legendary French Brand Reborn as $2 Million Hypercar Maker

Classic European nameplates never die, they’re resurrected as high-powered hybrids. 


Porsche Taycan EV Gets Quick Tech Upgrades

New features include a “smart lift” suspension, color head-up display, adaptive charging and OTA subscriptions

Fuel Cells

Startup Teases Fuel Cell-Powered Supercar

The XP-1, which is 9 years in the making, could hit the streets by 2022

World’s Fastest SUV Gets New Look, Adds Fuel Efficiency Tech

Alternating cylinder deactivation system boosts fuel efficiency and reduces emissions


Maserati Revs Up Ferrari-Powered Performance Models

Internally developed V-6 waiting in the wings

Interiors & Electronics

“Ultimate Analog Supercar” Takes Shape

Gordon Murray’s upcoming T.50 gets V-12 power and a super-lightweight design

Materials & Lightweighting

Sustainability Moon Shot

Greater cooperation called for to meet long-term goals


Toyota, Harley-Davidson Nab Top Lightweighting Awards

Electric motorcycles, free-standing seat frames, composite steering knuckles and tension leaf springs


Pushing the Limit of Electric Power: 1,400-hp Mach-E

Drifting and dragging with seven motors


This Year’s Best Interiors: Quality at Any Price

WardsAuto’s annual list had plenty of variety


Energy Giant bp Faces Future

Pre-COVID initiatives being accelerated, it seems


2003 Ferrari Enzo Nets Online Auction Record of $2.6 Million

Extravagant impulse buying with the click of a mouse


New CEO to Replace Diess at VW Brand

Peacemaker role for incoming Brandstaetter


German Startup Targets Electric Hypercar

Can EV racer live up to its hype?


Weighing in on Composites

Continental Structural Plastics aims to grow its sales from about $900 million last year to $1.5 billion by 2025.


Save the Environment, Drive a Jeep?

Making a case for adding green credentials to off-road performance


Lotus Aims to Revamp EV Ownership Models

Partnership with British utility promises new charging infrastructure and smart grid tech


VW Aero Car from the 1980s

Yes, it is highly aerodynamic. And for a car with 177 hp, fast. But not exactly the stuff of daily driving.

Materials & Lightweighting

13 Suppliers Take Home PACE Innovation Awards

Lightweighting applications to advanced communications and improved visibility


SGL to Supply BMW Hybrid with Carbon Fiber Battery Case

Supplier touts lightweighting and other benefits