Karma Aims to Join EV Platform-Sharing Club

Autonomous utility van and high-powered supercar among 22 possible variants

Interiors & Electronics

ZF Launches Front Electric Parking Brake

Performance, design and weight benefits coming to smaller vehicles


Bollinger Goes Commercial with Electric Chassis

Flexible architecture can support various body styles and applications with up to a 5,000-lb payload


Hyundai Sharpens Design of Elantra Small Car

Bolder and bigger compact 2021 model


Rivian Confirms Platform for Ford EV

Electric-truck startup Rivian Automotive confirms it will supply the “skateboard” chassis to carry a premium-level electric vehicle developed by Ford.


Conti Gets in Touch with Sensory Tech

Seeing, hearing and feeling is believing 

Nissan Doubles Up on Electric AWD

Dual-motor system promises premium sports car handling


Conti Launches Powerful Architecture

Links 68 ECUs and manages 20 million lines of software code


GM Recalls Target Fire, Braking Problems

General Motors is calling back roughly 900,000 fullsize pickup trucks and luxury sedans worldwide to fix a fire risk and/or eliminate a software glitch that could knock out a vehicle’s antilock braking and stability control systems.


ZF in the Oasis

What you’re looking at is the “Intelligent Rolling Chassis” ZF has developed for the Rinspeed Oasis, a concept vehicle.


Engineering the Colorado ZR2

“Our engineers have been incredibly successful developing Corvette and Camaro performance variants with broad performance envelopes,” said Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain.


Driving Cleaner, Smoother & With No Hands

While there seems to be an inevitable drive toward powertrains that are powered by batteries or hydrogen, Tim Jackson is confident that the internal combustion engine has a long run ahead of it, and not just because the installed base is so massive.

Interiors & Electronics

Innovation for Comfortable Rides

As the pursuit of greater fuel efficiency, whether it’s for achieving miles-per-gallon increases or carbon dioxide emissions decreases, continues with seeming increased vigor, it seems as though “energy on demand” is something of a mantra, whether this means providing energy to throttle response or simply to provide what’s needed to actuate something only when needed.


Roush Performance: When 435 hp Isn’t Enough

For some people, the idea of a brand-new Ford Mustang GT with a 435-hp V8 that produces 400 lb-ft of torque is appealing. . .but just not quite enough.

Interiors & Electronics

ZF: Not Waiting for the Future

An announcement about a company establishing a new division tends to be rather, well, not particularly interesting to anyone outside of the company or related to someone who will work there.


Brembo. Yes, We’re Talking Brakes

It’s the classic story of a tinkerer in a garage starting something and then having it go big.


Magna & the Challenges of Modern Automotive Manufacturing

Magna International is the third-largest automotive supplier on the planet.

The M88A2: A Different Kind of Exotic

Although the exotic vehicles we tend to write about here have four wheels and not a wheeled track, it caught our eye that when it comes to modifying these vehicles, the price tag is most certainly in the ultra-high category, so. . . . That is, the U.S.


TRW’s Latest Tech Center

Further evidence of how the center of gravity is perceptibly shifting to the East (assuming, of course, that you’re in the West): last Friday TRW Automotive, which is headquartered in Valley View, Ohio, opened its largest technical center, which measures 710,418-sq. ft., in Anting, China.   Why?


Love Thy Supplier

The challenges facing the industry throughout the next decade almost make the last decade’s look easy.

Autonomous Vehicles

The Future of Steering (Wheels)

Will self-driving, or autonomous, vehicles mark the end of steering wheels?

Materials & Lightweighting

Building Brembo Brakes for F1

Although stories about Formula One racing typically include pictures of exotically shaped carbon fiber structures in exotic locales— --here’s something that is exotic in its own way and made of carbon, albeit not fiber in the body panel sense: That’s a brake that Brembo has developed, with a carbon-reinforced disc, and which it is supplying to five teams (Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Scuderia Ferrari, and Scuderia Toro Rosso). One of the changes for the 2013 is the use of tires that are heavier (by 2 kg) and have softer compounds.


Nexteer Invests in Michigan for EPS Production

“Rapid adaptation of electric power steering is a direct result of automakers striving to meet new fuel economy regulations, and EPS enables up to a 6% improvement along with numerous driver-assist benefits,” says Laurent Bresson, president and COO of Nexteer Automotive, a company that is specifically focused on electric and hydraulic steering systems, steering columns and driveline products.

Interiors & Electronics

Putting the Brakes on Separate Systems

One of the issues related to implementing new technology in cars is that there is a tendency for things to be additive, which means that you have A, add B, then C. . .and before you know it, you have a whole lot of separate things, many of which have to work together, but are individual nonetheless.