Daimler Settles with Sharp on Connectivity License

Battle over access to regulation-required patents continues.


Daimler Will Pay $1.5 Billion for Diesel Emission Cheating in U.S.

Settlement covers 250,000 diesel sold in 2009-2011.

Car/Ride Sharing

Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Collaborate on Automated Parking

Using self-driving technology for something people don’t really care for: Parking


Nokia Wins Patent Ruling on Connectivity Tech

Defends cellular connectivity patents in German lawsuit against Daimler


EV Semis Rolling Now in Real-World Testing

Daimler Trucks North America has electric big rigs being used by freight companies on the road today


The Steering Wheel: How Did We Get Here?

Six key Mercedes steering wheel designs of the past bring us to its all-new design for 2021.


New Hampshire Readies Flying Cars…for Roads

“Jetson Bill” targets roadable aircrafts

Car/Ride Sharing

PSA Spins Off Free2Move Mobility Unit

Business is profitable, says CEO Tavares


How to Build a Military Vehicle from a Pickup Truck

A real piece of military gear. A real pickup that you can get at a Chevy dealership. A really remarkable story.


Mercedes Creates New “Drive Systems” Unit

Integrated operations for engines, transmissions, electric drives, batteries and related software


Daimler Claims Range-Record for EV Sedan

Upcoming EQS claims 435 miles per charge


Daimler Tweaks N. America Production

Consolidating capacity and hiking SUV/crossover output


Aurora Aims Big with Autonomous Testing in Texas

Startup targets commercial truck applications


Honda Expands Partnership with Chinese Battery Giant

The deal is the latest win for CATL, which claims to be the world’s largest battery supplier.


Mercedes Outlook: “Significantly Harsher Reality”

Severe pay cuts loom but may not be enough.


iPhones Get Digital Key Functionality

Rollout starts with 2021 BMW 5 Series, other brands and models to follow next year


BMW, Daimler Shelve Robo-Car Alliance

Deemed too costly for now, plan could be revived later.


Mercedes-AMG Revs Up Performance with Electric Turbos

48-volt system promises to eliminate turbo lag


EU Opens Antitrust Probe into FCA-PSA Merger

Focus will be on small commercial vans, and maybe more


VW Acquires Audi...after 55 Years

VW poised to acquire the last 0.4% of is luxury brand


Tesla Passes Toyota in Market Value

Stock soars past $1,000 per share

Fuel Cells

New Toyota JV Targets Fuel Cell Trucks in China

Commercial vehicles could be the right application for fledgling technology


Ford’s Salaried Staff to Work from Home All Summer

Mass returns not expected until at least September


EVs Get Boost Under Germany’s New Stimulus Package

Chargers to be installed at every gas station