Look Up in the Sky: It’s a Drone Delivering Your Car Keys

The latest in the contactless ordering and delivery process from China’s Geely Auto


Reinventing the Car-Buying Process

Cadillac Live lets car buyers interact remotely with product specialists, without having to visit a dealership. 


VW to Add 100 Dealers in U.S. by 2018

Michael Horn Volkswagen of America says it intends to expand it 650-dealer network in the U.S. by 100 stores over the next four years.


Toyota Forecasts Sharply Lower Sales Growth in China

Toyota Vios Last year Toyota Motor Corp. sales in China climbed nearly 13% to 1.03 million vehicles.

BMW to Launch Huge Dealer Bailout in China

BMW AG has agreed to pay its dealers in China 5.1 billion yuan ($821 million) to offset the cost of their expanding inventories, Bloomberg News reports.


Nissan Launches Dealership Makeover in Japan

Nissan dealer in Saitama Nissan Motor Co. plans to spend 30 billion yen ($249 million) to upgrade or rebuild 1,800 of its 2,100 dealerships in Japan, according to The Nikkei, which cites no sources.


Lincoln Opens Its First Dealerships in China

Ford Motor Co. has opened its first three Lincoln brand dealerships in China.


AutoNation Suspends Sales of Cars in Airbag Recalls

AutoNation Inc., America's largest chain of car dealerships, has halted the sale of all used vehicles involved in the Takata airbag recalls until the models are repaired.

Michigan Bans Factory-Direct Selling by Tesla

Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a law that blocks carmakers such as Tesla Motors Inc. from selling vehicles directly to consumers.

Men, Women Negotiate for Cars Differently, but Results May Be the Same

Women tend to be better prepared for the process of negotiating a price for a new car, having done their homework before stepping into the dealership, while men are more concerned about product image and pushing for deeper deals.

Maserati to Expand U.S. Dealership Count 52% This Year

Maserati SpA tells Automotive News it will have 120 dealers in the U.S. by the end of 2014 compared with 79 at the end of 2013.

U.S. Auto Dealers Defend Against Tesla Threat

The age old arrangement where you drive down to your local franchise car dealer to buy and service your family hauler is being challenged by Tesla Motors Inc.


Used-Car Prices Fall in U.S. as Supplies Grow

A flood of cars and trucks with expiring leases are pouring into the American used-car market, pushing down prices and hiking inventories, The Detroit News reports.

Warren Buffett: America's Newest Car Dealer

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is buying the Van Tuyl Group, the fifth-largest auto dealership group in the United States, using it as a platform to buy even more auto retail outlets.

Tesla Claims to Not Break Georgia Rules

"Tesla has been and remains in full compliance with all Georgia laws in the opening and operation of its retail operations in that state," Simon Sproule, a spokesman for the Palo Alto, California-based company, said by e-mail yesterday.


Maserati, Alfa Romeo Add Dealers in U.S.

Maserati SPA and Alfa Romeo Automobiles SpA are quickly growing their dealer networks in the United States to chase ambitious sales targets.


Used Car Market Revved Up

If you are shopping for a previously owned car or trying to negotiate a trade-in value for your current ride, you are no doubt witnessing the effects of the explosion in the used car business.

Older Honda Accords, Civics Top Stolen Cars

Honda Motor Co.'s Accord and Civic sedans are the two most-stolen vehicles in America this past year, according to the latest Hot Wheels report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

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