Former Dura CEO Denton Joins Design/Engineering/Construction Firm

Auto industry veteran Larry Denton has been named president of the process engineering practice of Dearborn, Mich.-based Ghafari Associates LLC.

Materials & Lightweighting

Chrysler Extends Use of Soy-Based Acoustic Foam

Chrysler Group LLC is expanding its use of a new soy acoustic foam that is easier to use, less dense and more recyclable than petroleum-based materials.

Materials & Lightweighting

Dow Doubles on Composites Research

Another data point regarding the transition toward what may be considered non-traditional materials for automotive applications (unless, of course, said applications are for cars with (1) price tags that are generally at or above six figures or (2) use on Formula One circuits) comes from Dow Automotive Systems, which has recently opened two labs with a focus on developing carbon fiber composites.


Dow Automotive Adds Two Composite Tech Centers

Dow Chemical Co.'s automotive systems unit has opened laboratories in Europe and North America to help customers develop carbon fiber composite processing technology.


Ford, Dow to Partner on Carbon-Fiber Research

Ford Motor Co. and the Dow Automotive Systems unit of Dow Chemical Co. have agree to collaborate in a quest to find ways to use carbon-fiber composites in high-volume production vehicles.

No Air? No Problem!

Another run-flat tire?   Not exactly.


Inside NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow

Looking to improve safety and reduce vehicle costs, NASCAR has developed a new vehicle standard for all of its teams called the “Car of Tomorrow.” Six years in the making, it is being used on tracks today.


Plastics Progress: What You Need to Know

New materials that can help produce better products.


EuroAuto: Details on the Development of the Audi R10 TDI

Here’s another look (check out the May issue of AD&P for more) at the revolutionary diesel development by Audi that shows that diesel-powered cars can compete with—and beat—the best gasoline-powered sports cars.

Materials & Lightweighting

A Sticky Situation

Adhesive bonding didn’t penetrate the market as quickly as expected, but the moves to multiple substrates and new, tougher to weld generations of steel, has increased interest in this technology.

Materials & Lightweighting

Creating Clever Things With Plastics

The auto industry and its suppliers are coming up with some clever ways to do everything from saving gasoline to providing pedestrian protection with plastics. Here are the category winners in the SPE Automotive Div.’s annual plastics awards.


Lotus Bonds with Aluminum

If aluminum-intensive cars are ever to become more than an occasional curiosity, automakers may have to give up their weld shops.