Dow, DuPont Merger Completed

Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. today closed the $130 billion merger the companies announced in December 2015.


Dow, DuPont to Merge, Then Create 3 Companies

U.S. chemical giants Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. have agreed to merge and then divide into three independent companies that focus on agriculture, specialty chemicals and material science.

Auto Industry Accounts for 10% of Top 100 Global Innovators

Three carmakers—Honda, Nissan and Toyota—and seven predominately automotive suppliers were included in this year’s Thomson Reuters' list of the top 100 global innovators.


Ford, DowAksa Partner on Carbon Fiber Development

Ford Motor Co. has signed an agreement with DowAksa to develop high-volume production techniques for carbon-fiber-reinforced components for cars.

Mulally to Join CEO Talks with Obama

Ford Motor Co.'s Alan Mulally will be one of a dozen CEOs of big American companies who will discuss the federal deficit with President Barack Obama at a meeting at the White House on Wednesday.


Dow Doubles on Composites Research

Another data point regarding the transition toward what may be considered non-traditional materials for automotive applications (unless, of course, said applications are for cars with (1) price tags that are generally at or above six figures or (2) use on Formula One circuits) comes from Dow Automotive Systems, which has recently opened two labs with a focus on developing carbon fiber composites.


Dow Automotive Adds Two Composite Tech Centers

Dow Chemical Co.'s automotive systems unit has opened laboratories in Europe and North America to help customers develop carbon fiber composite processing technology.


U.S. Backs Significant Auto Materials Research

Car doors that can weigh 60% less.


Ford, Dow to Partner on Carbon-Fiber Research

Ford Motor Co. and the Dow Automotive Systems unit of Dow Chemical Co. have agree to collaborate in a quest to find ways to use carbon-fiber composites in high-volume production vehicles.

Magnesium: The Other Light Metal

Lightweight magnesium alloys are letting auto makers stick to their vehicular weight loss plan without giving up strength, rigidity or flexibility.

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