DuPont and ExxonMobil Collaborate for New Material Family

Easier door and window opening result from two industry giants collaborating


Daimler Confirms Recall to Replace Illegal A/C Fluid

Daimler AG has agreed with European regulators that it must recall 127,800 of its 2013 model cars to replace their outlawed air-conditioning system refrigerant.


Dow, DuPont Merger Completed

Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. today closed the $130 billion merger the companies announced in December 2015.


Honeywell Opens U.S. Plant to Make Advanced A/C Refrigerant

Honeywell International Inc. has begun commercial operations at a facility in Geismar, La., to make HFO-1234yf, an ultra-clean refrigerant for automotive air conditioning systems.

Materials & Lightweighting

Lighter Doors Make a Massive Difference for 2025 (To Say Nothing of the Rest of the Closures)

Here’s a look at a study conducted to get a sense of just how much mass can be taken out of closures through the use of mixed materials rather than just one. You may be surprised at what they determined.


Dow, DuPont to Merge, Then Create 3 Companies

U.S. chemical giants Dow Chemical Co. and DuPont Co. have agreed to merge and then divide into three independent companies that focus on agriculture, specialty chemicals and material science.

Auto Industry Accounts for 10% of Top 100 Global Innovators

Three carmakers—Honda, Nissan and Toyota—and seven predominately automotive suppliers were included in this year’s Thomson Reuters' list of the top 100 global innovators.


DuPont Ramps Up Bioethanol Facility in Iowa

DuPont this week is officially opening its cellulosic ethanol facility in Nevada, Iowa.

Daimler Abandons Refrigerant Boycott

Daimler AG has agreed to switch to a new air-conditioner refrigerant after claiming for more than two years that the mandated material was a fire hazard.


Plastics: The Tortoise and the Hare

Plastic may not be in the news as much as some automotive materials these days, but its gram-by-gram assimilation could accelerate dramatically.


EU Raises Anti-Trust Question about Refrigerant Venture

The partnership between Honeywell and DuPont that developed and is supplying a new air-conditioning refrigerant now used in most new European vehicles may be anti-competitive, according to the European Commission.


Advancing Materials Through Advanced Research & Development @ DuPont

Jeff Sternberg—a chemist—is helping automakers achieve their lightweight objectives as he is DuPont’s global automotive technology director.

New Refrigerant Deemed “Greener” than CO2

The automotive refrigerant HFO-1234yf has a lower global warming potential (GWP) than carbon dioxide, which has a baseline value of 1.


Axalta Kicks Off New Corporate Branding

Axalta Coating Systems LLC unveiled a new logo on Tuesday to mark the completion of its migration from the former DuPont Performance Coatings unit to an independent global coatings company.

SAE Panel Says It’s Official: New Refrigerant Is Safe

A group convened by SAE International late last year has declared the automotive refrigerant R-1234yf "safety and effective."


Opel Says New Refrigerant Passed “Realistic” Crash Test

General Motors Co.'s Opel unit has proclaimed safe a controversial new refrigerant required since Jan. 1 in new cars sold in Europe, Reuters reports.


EU Vows to Enforce Refrigerant Rule

The European Commission says Daimler AG would be barred from selling vehicles in the EU that fail to comply with the new "green" refrigerant rule that took effect on Jan. 1.


Commissioner Vows to Enforce Europe’s Refrigerant Rule

The European Union's industry commissioner insists that carmakers face immediate fines if they fail to comply with the new "green" refrigerant rule that took effect on Jan. 1, Reuters reports.


Germany Aims to End Europe’s Refrigerant Controversy

Germany has proposed an undisclosed way to resolve a controversy over the safety of a "green" automotive refrigerant mandated by the European Commission, Reuters reports.


A-Class Looks Good in Green

Chances are, when you think of “green” technology, your mind goes to something that has a resemblance, if not a direct connection, to something that’s a cross between granola and cardboard.


DuPont’s Approach to Bio-based Plastics

Addressing the demands of OEMs for more sustainable materials and recognizing the changes in the cost and availability of petroleum, DuPont is working to develop bio-based plastics that are, in some cases, even better than their traditional alternatives.

BMW Quits Refrigerant Review Group

BMW AG has resigned from an automotive industry research program that is studying the safety of a controversial new air-conditioning refrigerant, Reuters reports.

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