FCA Lands a $7.1 Billion Guaranteed Loan in Italy

Funds may further complicate FCA-PSA merger plan


Report: The Revolution Ahead for Automakers

Deloitte spells out what carmakers must do to excel


EU Opens Antitrust Probe into FCA-PSA Merger

Focus will be on small commercial vans, and maybe more


Car Sales in Europe Drop 57%

Industry worries that government aid won’t come until 2021.


VW Acquires Audi...after 55 Years

VW poised to acquire the last 0.4% of is luxury brand


VW Hikes Stake Again in Next-Gen Batterymaker

Next step is pilot plant for solid-state EV batteries


EV Charging Points Surpass Vehicle Count

Global sales of battery and plug-in hybrid cars rose 40% last year.


UPDATE: Is Ghosn Correct about Nissan Plot to Oust Him?

Report says executives fretted over would-be merger with Renault

Formula One Drops Three More Races

8 races finalized, plans for 7 more by year-end


Honda Rebounds from Cyber Attack

Incursions reportedly hit the U.S., Europe and Japan


Antitrust Issue Raised Over Fiat Chrysler-PSA Merger

Partner must address van market share worries this week

Interiors & Electronics

Bosch Touts Improved Navigation Sensor

It knows where you are, even when the GPS doesn’t


New CEO to Replace Diess at VW Brand

Peacemaker role for incoming Brandstaetter


Coronavirus Auto Industry Roundup: June 5

More plants open, but others are targeted for closure


German Startup Targets Electric Hypercar

Can EV racer live up to its hype?


Study: U.S. Car Sales Won’t Hit 17 Million Again Until 2026

AlixPartners: The industry was weakening before the coronavirus arrived


Renault-Nissan Hopes to Rekindle Partnership with Daimler

Renault hints that new initiatives will be announced in coming weeks


U.S. Court Ruling Exposes VW to New Diesel Lawsuits

Court notes “staggering” jump in exposure to state and local complaints

Today In Aviation History (Really)

A record was set in the skies 110 years ago by a man whose name will be forever associated with vehicles that travel on motorways the world over

Autonomous Vehicles

VW Finalizes Investment in Argo

$2.6 billion investment creates global scale for partners’ autonomous vehicle operations


Comau to Spin Off from FCA Next Spring

Deal comes as FCA and PSA tune the terms of their proposed merger


Coronavirus Auto Industry Roundup: May 29

Production grows unevenly in U.S., Europe


U.K. Car Production Heads for Four-Decade Low

Slow recovery threatens industry’s future in Britain


VW Hikes Stakes in Chinese EV Ventures

Underscoring the company’s long-term EV goals