Detroit Cancels 2020 Auto Show

Venue to become temporary hospital for coronavirus victims.


Steelcase Provides Instructions for Masks and Face Shields

PDF instructions, cutting patterns and even YouTube videos to get you going


Ford, GM Slow Rolling EV Ramp Up

Production plans show increasing focus on high-profit trucks


Coronavirus Roundup: March 24

A rundown on auto industry activity spurred by the coronavirus


Six More Carmakers Join N. America Shutdowns

Driven by concerns about health—and now, sales – automakers are putting production on hold


Ford Hunkers Down for a Lean Summer

Bulking up on cash to ride out the health crisis


Big Three Idle N. American Plants through March

A timeout to clean facilities and rethink production methods


On the 2021 Kia Seltos: Small Crossover with Big Presence

Kia grows its lineup of crossovers with a subcompact and provides it with tech so that it isn’t a vehicle that people buy wishing that they could afford something better. 


5G Connectivity Coming to Cars in a Big Way

ABI predicts 83 million vehicles will be equipped with the technology by 2035


UPDATE: BMW, Ford, Toyota, VW Suspend Production in Europe

UAW calls for similar move in U.S. to protect workers from pandemic


Information Design & COVID-19

We don’t need to see any more pictures of the virus that looks like the Death Star. We need clear, accurate information. Here’s some.


New Model: The Ventilator 100?

Taking the concept of retooling to a whole new level


New Steels Explained: What You Need to Know About the Ongoing Developments

A range of new steels is being developed to assist body engineers create better trucks, cars and SUVs. Here’s what they can do for everyone from safety engineers to designers


UPDATE: Detroit’s Big Three Ask Staffers to Work at Home

Global policies aim to combat coronavirus pandemic


Bollinger Goes Commercial with Electric Chassis

Flexible architecture can support various body styles and applications with up to a 5,000-lb payload


COVID-19 Concerns Sideline Automotive News World Congress

Postponement follows cancellations of Beijing, Geneva and New York auto shows


GM Unveils Its Commitment to EVs: What Does This Mean?

GM, no stranger to electric vehicles, is getting ready for an extensive build—and will start next year


Ford, Nationwide Partner on Sharing Driver Data

Service simplifies monitoring of driver behavior


U.S. Fuel Economy Hits All-Time High

Gains keep coming despite the boom in trucks and SUVs 

Car/Ride Sharing

Ford Electric Scooter Service Heads to Europe

Spin to roll into Germany, France, U.K.


Citroen Gets Friendly with Urban EV

Rent the tiny car by the minute, month or buy it outright…for $6,600


Does Michigan Need a Chief Mobility Officer?

New unit aims to build on state’s historic leadership and, more importantly, position it for the future  


‘Consumer Reports’ and the State of the U.S. OEMs

Plenty of the vehicles on the list of the top 10 are made in the U.S. But not by the traditional companies.