A Briefing on Hot Stamping

Yes, heat makes the material malleable. But it’s what happens in the die that matters


Talking about the Future of Mobility

Panelists from Ford, Bosch and the U.S. Army share their views on micromobility, autonomy, electrification and education


Bridgestone America’s Approach to Mobility

The role that tires can play in autonomous fleets, the electrification of the OEMs’ products, micromobility and more on this “Autoline After Hours”

Intelligent Transportation

C-V2X in China

There is some serious development of this critical technology going on in China

Materials & Lightweighting

Why Materials Matter—To People

Porsche and Ford are among OEMs addressing how materials are acquired


Why "Mild" Disruptions Should Be Your Game Plan

There are automotive tech game-changers under development, but it may be useful for suppliers to play a somewhat more conservative game in the near-term


Lambo Sets September Sales Record (Ford Does Well, Too)

Things are still not good but getting better. At least we can smile every now and then.

When the Dining Room Table Is a Desk

People WFH are working longer than they would were they sitting in their offices.


Cars, COVID-19 and Climate Change: Driving Sustainability Forward

Life cycle assessments show vehicles designed with lightweight aluminum result in reduced emissions without product sacrifices

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells, Ballard, China and Mahle

Ballard once had as much attention as Tesla. (Well, maybe not quite that much, but. . . .) It may turn out that the fuel cell tech developer was right


ZF: From Now on, Hybrid-Ready Transmission Development

This leading supplier of transmissions has decided that it will no longer develop units that can’t be deployed in hybrids. We find out why on “Autoline After Hours”


F-Series: The 2021 Launch, Going Electric and Solidly American

Ford launches the 2021 F-150, talks about the electric F-150, and calibrates the F-Series impact on the U.S economy

Interiors & Electronics

McLaren Carbon Fiber and an Appealing UI

McLaren offers more carbon fiber for a carbon fiber-intensive car; Visteon provides F-150 digital gauge screen


General Motors and Nikola Corporation Form Strategic Partnership

Remember when GM was in the running for a deal with Rivian that Ford got? Maybe this is its answer to that


2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe: Electrifying

Bringing a plug to the capable off-roader


Generators and Sales That Need a Charge

Clever tech for generators and what August sales might portend


Report: Ford to Cut 1,000 Salaried Jobs in U.S.

Latest step in 3-year restructuring effort as the carmaker is expected to post its first full-year loss in more than a decade. 


Rivian Lands Former Tesla Engineering Exec

Nick Kalayjian to helm the company’s engineering operations as it prepares to launch its first EVs

Intelligent Transportation

Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Collaborate on Automated Parking

Using self-driving technology for something people don’t really care for: Parking


Home Work Continues for Salaried Staffs

Big 3 target 2021 return to offices as GM deploys salaried volunteers at Missouri truck plant.


Engineering the Ram TRX

The chief engineer of what is claimed to be the “quickest, fastest and most-powerful mass-produced truck in the world” explains how they did it.

Interiors & Electronics

Ford Gets Real (Time) on Parking, Fueling and Charging Info

Partnership with Inrix brings embedded technology to Sync 4 interface


Bollinger Expands Operations Ahead of Late-2021 EV Launch

Startup moves to new headquarters in Michigan and plans to double its staff


Ram Goes Raptor Hunting with Off-Road Pickup

It’s the fastest. Most powerful. The Ram 1500 TRX is all truck from top to bottom.

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