Freudenberg-NOK Touts Frictionless Engine Seals

Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies says its new air-cushioned Levitex engine seal virtually eliminates friction between the crankshaft and crankcase, thus enhancing performance and reducing heat energy losses.


A Laser Replaces.... Stamping

By using a laser to cut and weld steel strip rather than stamping and forming the material, Freudenberg is no longer producing tons of engineered scrap in a component-making operation.

Interiors & Electronics

Green Guide: Flame Treatments, Battery Systems, and Energy Use

Flame Treatment Technology a Green Move for GM; A Cleaner Cleaner; Freudenberg's “Simple” Devices May Make Big Differences in Battery Systems; SolidWorks “Sustainability” Offers Real-Time Green Solutions; Siemens’ “Ctrl-Energy” Monitors Machine Tool Energy Use

Freudenberg-NOK Replaces CEO with Team of Four

Plymouth, Mich.-based supplier Freudenberg-NOK has created a four-member Office of the Chief Executive to replace the jobs of president and CEO.


New Seal Targets Direct-Injection Engines

Freudenberg-NOK has been awarded a U.S. patent for its new polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealing system that is designed to better handle the requirements of direct-injection gasoline and diesel engines.

Sealing the Savings for Rotary Shaft Applications

In order to retain fluids in a number of rotating-shaft applications—at the front and rear of crankshafts, on camshafts, wheel bearings, pinions, transmission output and input shafts, etc.—radial shaft seals are routinely applied.


Shaft Seal Design Boosts Fuel Economy

Freudenberg-NOK, one of the largest suppliers of seals for rotating shafts, says it has developed a new design that reduces rotating friction by as much as 75%. If incorporated on all the seals on a typical OEM powertrain including the engine, transmission, axle and bearing the new design could improve fuel efficiency by about 2%, according to the supplier.

Only The Persistent Survive

Although lauded for its lean best practices, Freudenberg-NOK's president and CEO believes that they have to help make their suppliers—and even customers—better if all are to prosper. And he also operates knowing that what may be good today is likely to be insufficient tomorrow, so while continuous improvement is key, innovation is crucial.


Learning to Compete in the Current Environment

As the automotive industry continues to cope with over- capacity and the constant down-ward pressure on pricing, maintaining profitability has been an increasingly difficult task.

Marginal: Ordinarily Different

When I think of millionaires, I tend to think of people whose behavior and lifestyle are more analogous to, say, that of Donald Trump than normal folks. As the old F. Scott Fitzgerald line has it, “The rich are different.” And not just because they have more money.

THE OPERATIONAL WISH LIST: What Manufacturing People Would Really Like

We ask some of the people who are actually involved in producing products what they would like technology vendors to provide. Some of their answers are surprising. All of their answers ought to be addressed by some enterprising organizations.


Lean: A Silver Lining

There are dark clouds well over the horizon so far as conditions in auto go right now, but for those companies that practice lean, things aren’t entirely bleak. A new lean training organization may help those who are hoping to ride out the storm.

Lean Even in the Lab

Yes, here is still another piece in what seems to be an endless praise of an automotive supplier that is genuinely serious about being lean in all ways. Hey, we can't help it if this is an exemplary outfit...


What You Need to Know About B2B eMarketing

Mind share begets market share.

Getting Lean Everywhere and Every Day

Of all of the practitioners of lean that we’ve ever encountered, Plymouth, Michigan-based Freudenberg-NOK continues to be an exemplar of what can be done through dedication to doing things in a better way. Here are some of the new things we’ve learned about this muda-eliminating firm . . .

Standardized Lean

Although there are countless books and even more consultants out there with their own spin on what "Lean" means, SAE International, working with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry, have developed a standard that provides not only a definition of lean, but tools that can help companies profitably transform their operations for competitve advantage—or survival.

Cells and High Volumes: Forget What You Think You Know

Cellular manufacturing just isn't for the companies that have low-volume production. That's not just theory. It is being proven out in two supplier plants in Indiana each and every day. Here's a look at what they are doing.

Getting Better-Fast

Although the kaizen events that are on-going at the plants of Freudenberg-NOK—a few days and nights of concentrated process improvements—might lead many people at OEM and supplier companies to look on with surprise at how quickly changes are made and benefits are realized with these quick projects, what happened at its plant in Bristol, New Hampshire, during a three-month period would give pause to even savvy lean thinkers.