Sustainability Moon Shot

Greater cooperation called for to meet long-term goals


GM Charges FCA with Corporate Espionage

New claims of offshore accounts, boardroom moles and more


Cheap Chinese EVs Coming to Texas

Geely affiliate to launch U.S. sales this year


What’s Next. A Year of Change in Automotive.

2020 is a year like no other. Unpredictable change in the automotive industry and a new direction for AutoBeat Magazine.

Keeping the Can-Do Spirit Alive

The auto industry shows how agile it can be.


A Tough Week for Carmakers

Lousy financial results but considerable optimism that the worst is over.


GM and EVgo Make Massive EV Infrastructure Investment

Not only is GM increasing its electric vehicle portfolio, it is working with EVgo to build out charging infrastructure

The Age of Ultium?

GM’s plans for an electric future don’t include a name change…yet


GM Hires Outsider to Plot Innovation, Growth Strategies

Focus on connectivity, big data, customer relations and new business areas


How to Build a Military Vehicle from a Pickup Truck

A real piece of military gear. A real pickup that you can get at a Chevy dealership. A really remarkable story.


Suppliers’ Legal Battle Rattle EV Plans at Ford, GM, VW

Outcome could threaten timing of EV programs at all three carmakers


Questions, Answers and COVID-19

The industry will come back. But no one really knows when.

GM Readies New EVs

Rollout includes full-size Chevy pickup with 400-mile range


All Toyota Plants Running for First Time in 5 Months

A testimony to persistence as factory in Venezuela reopens


GM Pickup Plant Cuts 3rd Shift Due to COVID Concerns

High absenteeism rate triggers temporary layoffs. GM says plant is safe.


Honda Expands Partnership with Chinese Battery Giant

The deal is the latest win for CATL, which claims to be the world’s largest battery supplier.

Reading About Corvette

Interested in the C8? Then there are a few things you need to know


Back to the Ramparts for GM, FCA on Racketeering Claim

Appeals court overturns order for CEOs resolve case in person


Q2 Sales and the Path Forward

Yes, there are signs of improvement. But that may be a relative thing.


GM Wants New Judge for FCA Racketeering Lawsuit

Company blasts judge’s view that lawsuit is a “waste of time and resources”

Fuel Cells

Uncle Sam Wants Chevy Colorado

GM’s midsize pickup to provide the basis for mobile troop carriers  

Autonomous Vehicles

Amazon to Buy Zoox Robo-Car Startup

Focus is automated ride-hailing, package delivery services


PSA Says COVID Makes FCA Merger More Critical

Tavares says promised savings and synergies gain value