Hamburg to Test Autonomous Shuttle Bus

The Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation (HEAT) coalition plans to begin testing a self-driving shuttle bus on public streets in August.


IAV N. America Taps Former AVL Exec as President

IAV Group has named Mike Kenhard president of its Automotive Engineering unit in Northville, Mich.


IAV Pleads Guilty in U.S. to Helping VW Cheat on Diesel Emissions

German engineering firm IAV Group has agreed to plead guilty and pay a $35 million fine for criminal conspiracy to help Volkswagen AG rig diesels to evade U.S. emission laws.


Elio Switches Engine Strategy for 3-Wheeler

Phoenix-based Elio Motors Inc. says it will use an existing engine from an unnamed carmaker in its long-overdue three-wheel car rather than adapt a 20-year-old 3-cylinder engine as the company had previously planned.


Dealing with Hacking

A key concern for both potential riders and system providers in and of autonomous vehicles is hacking: for the former, who hasn’t seen a movie during which the locks on the door engage and the vehicle takes off endangering the hero; for the latter, when there are recalls because of faulty latches, can you imagine the ramifications of a hacked vehicle?


Monetizing a Car’s Data

Cars already use onboard sensors to generate mountains of data about themselves. But carmakers aren't yet monetizing such information.


Bosch Targeted in Criminal Probe of VW Diesel Cheating in U.S.

Federal prosecutors in the U.S. are trying to determine whether Robert Bosch GmbH conspired to help Volkswagen AB—and perhaps other carmakers—rig their diesel engines to evade emission standards, sources tell Bloomberg News.


Does Paul Elio Have Disruptive Technology?

Paul Elio says he recently read The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business Review Press; 1997) and he thought that it was, in effect, telling the story of Elio Motors (eliomotors.com), the company that Elio established in 2009 to create a transformative motor vehicle.

3-Wheeler Launch Pushed Back to 2016

Elio Motors Inc. says it now plans to launch its $6,800 three-wheel vehicle by mid-2016.


IAV Continues to Beef Up Operations for Complex Emission Issues

IAV GmbH, the German engineering and powertrain systems engineering company, is adding test centers in Mexico City, Mexico, and San Carlos, Calif.


Clean And 'Ezee'

There's a new type of steam engine in town that claims diesel fuel economy, near-zero emissions, massive torque output, and low production cost. The auxiliary power unit market is its first target, but cars and trucks aren't far behind.