Putting Computers to Work Against COVID-19

VW and Denso have teamed up with quantum computer specialist, D-Wave, to support medical researchers


BMW, Marelli Expand Blockchain Parts Management

Deploying blockchain throughout the automotive supply chain process promises to improve parts and transaction tracking, transparency and adherence to standards.


IBM Touts Next-Gen EV Battery Tech

New chemistry is said to be cheaper, more powerful, faster to charge, less volatile and more sustainable than current lithium-ion batteries. 


Quantum Shortcuts Around Traffic

The best way to get around traffic isn’t always to follow “real time” GPS directions.

Autonomous Vehicles

Startup Aims to Retrofit Autonomous Tech

Silicon Valley startup Ghost Locomotion Inc. is developing a semi-automated driving system that consumers can add to their current vehicles.

Car/Ride Sharing

The Impending Transformation

According to an IBM study, “48% of consumers say the vehicle brand wouldn’t matter to them in an autonomous, mobility-as-a-service paradigm, but cost and convenience would.”

Intelligent Transportation

Carmakers to Test Blockchain Payment Tech

Next month BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Renault will begin testing a blockchain-based identification system for automatic payments for parking and road tolls.

Autonomous Vehicles

Brand Loyalty to Fade with Mobility-as-a-Service

Consumers and auto executives agree that loyalty to brand will decline as self-driving shuttles replace personal ownership of passenger vehicles, says IBM’s Institute for Business Value.


CEOs Say Shareholder Value Isn’t Everything

Publicly trade companies have a duty to do much more than deliver hefty dividends to shareholders, says the Business Roundtable.

Tycoon and GM Gadfly Ross Perot Dies at 89

Ross Perot, the Texas tycoon who twice ran for president and relished his disruptive stint as a General Motors Co. director, died of leukemia on July 9 at age 89.

Toyota Tops Carmakers in 2018 Patents

Toyota received an automotive industry-best 2,500-plus patents in the U.S. last year, according to Harrity & Harrity LLC.


BMW to Source Cobalt Directly from Approved Mines

BMW AG plans to buy cobalt, which is used in lithium-ion batteries for electrified vehicles, directly from mines to ensure child labor isn’t used during the mining process.


VW Joins Blockchain Group for Sustainable EV Materials

Volkswagen AG has joined a consortium that will use blockchain technology to trace and validate “ethically sourced” minerals, including those used in lithium-ion batteries for electrified vehicles.

Internet of Things

IoT Tracking Improves In-Bound Logistics for PSA

Groupe PSA is implementing Track&Trace, a system that enables their shipping containers—inbound, from suppliers to factories—to be tracked over a digital network in real time.


SEAT Taps IBM Watson for Mobility Platform

Volkswagen AG’s SEAT unit is working with IBM Corp. to develop a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platform to help consumers compare and book various travel options.


SEAT, IBM & Watson

One more thing about SEAT after yesterday’s announcement at the Mobile World Congress about its Minimó micromobility vehicle: Today it and IBM announced that the companies are developing the “Mobility Advisor,” a mobile app that will run on 4G/5G networks and utilize IBM Watson AI technology.

Car/Ride Sharing

SEAT, IBM to Develop Multi-Mode Urban Nav App

Volkswagen's SEAT brand and IBM Corp. are collaborating on a smartphone app to help users employ multiple transport modes to navigate through urban areas.


Former Intel Exec to Head American Center for Mobility

Former Intel executive Michael Noblett has been hired as CEO and president of the American Center for Mobility autonomous-car test site outside Detroit.

ExxonMobil Joins IBM Quantum Computing Group

Oil giant ExxonMobil Corp. has joined IBM Corp.’s Q Network consortium that aims to use quantum computing to develop products and processes.

Internet of Things

Hacking Industry 4.0

The danger in Industrial Internet of Things technology is that data so conveniently shared can also be stolen or corrupted.

German Partners Target Automotive Blockchain Applications

Chipmaker Infineon Technologies AG and startup Xain AG plan to work together to develop and commercialize blockchain-based technologies for automotive applications.

The Business and Execution of Auto Show Business

One of the most astonishing automotive reveals I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness was in New York inside Pier 92/94 on the Hudson River on the night of April 11, 2017, when literally hundreds of people were in the darkened structure watching the countdown clock as it ticked toward the release of the 840-hp 2018 Dodge Demon from a structure that appeared like something that was constructed to contain a ravaging beast from the future.

Managing Manufacturing Ops with Software-as-a-Service

Cloud- and subscription-based real-time systems are available for manufacturing operations management.

Autonomous Vehicles

Carmakers, Suppliers Form Blockchain Consortium

Carmakers, suppliers and tech companies have formed a consortium to develop blockchain technologies—similar to those used for Bitcoin digital payments and other crypto-currencies—for automotive applications.

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