Infiniti Previews Next-Gen QX60

Bolder, sleeker and more upscale


Infiniti Reveals Rear Quarter of 2022 QX55

Will this mid-size crossover be the boost the company needs?


Design Chief Luc Donckerwolke Departs Hyundai

Luxury car guru has crafted the styling of many memorable Audi, Bentley, Lambo and Genesis models


Taisuke Nakamura and Infiniti Design

The company is now 30 years old. As it goes into its next 30, Taisuke Nakamura is leading the design challenge.


LMC Auto’s Jeff Schuster on the Industry

When it comes to how the automotive market is doing—and how it is likely to do—you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who knows more than Jeff Schuster


Caddy ICE Age Coming to an End?

The bulk of Cadillac’s lineup—and perhaps all of it—will consist of electric vehicles by 2030, the company says.

Interiors & Electronics

2020 Acura RDX A-Spec

Too much about racing. Not enough about driving.


Nissan Expands Brake Recall to 394,000 Vehicles

Nissan Motor Co. is calling back 394,000 late-model sedans, trucks and SUVs in the U.S. that could develop a brake system leak that starts a fire.

2020 Nissan Versa SR

Nissan has a new car for those who want a new car—not a ute.


Infiniti’s Electric Approach

As Infiniti moves into the future, it has devised a powertrain setup that will bring more drivers to an electrified future.


Infiniti Affirms EV Plans

Nissan Motor Co.’s Infiniti unit plans to offer electrified variants of most of its models within the next two years.


U.S. Sales Grow 3% for Foreign Brands

An extra selling day, coupled with hefty retail incentives, boosted October deliveries of foreign brand cars and light trucks in the U.S. by 3% to 744,300 units.

Hyundai Hires Nissan Exec to Head Mexican Unit

Hyundai Motor Co. has named Claudia Marquez to take over as CEO of its Mexico unit on Nov. 1.


Infiniti Pulls the Plug on Q70 Sedan

Nissan Motor Co.’s Infiniti unit will drop the Q70 large sedan from its U.S. lineup after the current model year.  


IIHS: Lane-Centering Acceptance Off the Mark

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testers say lane-centering systems are less trustworthy than adaptive cruise control.

VW Names De Nysschen COO for N. America

Johan de Nysschen has been appointed chief operating officer for Volkswagen brand operations in North America, effective Oct. 1.


AutoPacific: What the IVAs Say

  You might be surprised what OEMs aren’t paying attention to


Kia Lands Luxury Car Design Guru

Kia Motor Corp. has appointed Karim Habib, who left Nissan Motor Co.’s Infiniti luxury brand late last month, as a senior vice president and design chief, effective Oct. 1. 

Top Renault-Nissan Alliance Exec Deboeuf Quits

Arnauld Deboeuf, who ran the Office of the CEO for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, has quit, telling his staff that Renault CEO Thierry Bollore ordered him to leave.


Nissan’s Infiniti Brand Sales Chief Leaves

Karim Habib, who has headed design for Nissan Motor Co.’s Infiniti luxury brand, is leaving to pursue “other opportunities,” the company says.


The Amazing Alfonso Albaisa

You can tell a lot about a person when it comes to handling a staff departure


Nissan's U.S. Dealer Data System Goes Offline

A Nissan Motor Co. data center in Denver has been offline since Sunday, cutting off the ability of Nissan and Infiniti dealers to order cars and parts, report sales, file warranty claims or track down cars at other dealerships.

What’s In a Name?

Well, one might assume there is a little meaning in there.

Infiniti Teases Sporty Crossover

Nissan Motor Co.’s Infiniti unit will add a sporty variant of its QX50 compact crossover next summer.