Intel Announces IoT Processors

Fast, reliable and capable are some of the characteristics of this new hardware

Autonomous Vehicles

Tag Along for a Ride in Mobileye’s Self-Driving Car

Test drive navigates busy streets of Jerusalem  


Mike Bell Departs Rivian as CTO

Long-time Apple tech guru Mike Bell leaves EV startup after 9 months

Autonomous Vehicles

Nio, Mobileye Ally on Self-Driving Cars in China

Chinese electric-car startup Nio Inc. and Intel Corp.’s Mobileye unit will partner to develop autonomous vehicles for China’s consumer market.


Zoox Raises $200 Million

Autonomous-car startup Zoox Inc. says it has raised another $200 million from unspecified investors as part of third-round funding expected to close within the next few months.


Zoox to Add Autonomous Testing in Las Vegas

California-based autonomous-car startup Zoox Inc. plans to begin testing self-driving electric vehicles in Las Vegas.   


EU Rejects Wi-Fi-Based Car-to-Car Communications

Member nations of the European Union voted earlier today against endorsing a short-range wi-fi system for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, buoying backers of a cellular-based alternative.

Additive Manufacturing

Stopping “Spoofing”; Durability, Affordability in Fuel Cells; Hot (Beamed) Wheels; What Intel Capital Sees in TriEye

Stopping “Spoofing”; Durability, Affordability in Fuel Cells; Hot (Beamed) Wheels; What Intel Capital Sees in TriEye


Mobileye Tests Autonomous Vehicles in Israel

Intel Corp.’s Mobileye unit is testing self-driving cars in Israel and aims to launch an autonomous taxi service there in 2020.

Autonomous Vehicles

Students Driving Autonomous Tech Forward

This is where the future of autonomous vehicle engineering is going to come from.

Autonomous Vehicles

Why Detroit Needs the Valley—and Vice Versa

Anyone can see the looming changes facing global automakers who are grappling with new technologies, stricter emissions standards, and apps that are turning car buyers into renters (or simply riders). Automobiles are increasingly becoming connected, electrified, and autonomous supercomputers on wheels.


Neumann Joins Apex.AI Board

Longtime industry veteran Karl-Thomas Neumann has joined the board of directors of Apex.AI Inc., a San Francisco-based startup that specializes in open-source software for self-driving vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicles

Maserati to Use Autonomy Tech from BMW-Led Alliance

Future cars offers by Fiat Chrysler Automobile NV’s Maserati unit will control their autonomous driving capabilities with technologies developed by BMW AG.

Toyota Tops Carmakers in 2018 Patents

Toyota received an automotive industry-best 2,500-plus patents in the U.S. last year, according to Harrity & Harrity LLC.


Former Intel Exec to Head American Center for Mobility

Former Intel executive Michael Noblett has been hired as CEO and president of the American Center for Mobility autonomous-car test site outside Detroit.


WiTricity Buys Qualcomm’s Wireless Charging Business

Boston-based WiTricity Corp. has acquired Qualcomm Inc.’s Halo wireless charging business for an unspecified amount.

Autonomous Vehicles

Boeing Tests Flying Taxi

This week Boeing Co. tested a prototype flying taxi this week at a Virginia airport.

Autonomous Vehicles

Zoox Taps Intel Exec as CEO

California-based autonomous-car startup Zoox Inc. has hired Intel Corp. executive Aicha Evans as its CEO, effective Feb. 26.


What’s Behind the Auto Supplier Mega Mergers?

Intel and similar companies know they have the opportunity to claim a whole new level of relevance in the automotive market, as software and automation claims a greater share of the future automobile.


About Autonomy: Three Views

Yes, there will be more autonomous technology coming at an ever-increasing rate. Which means all the more considerations must be taken into account.

Autonomous Vehicles

BMW Autonomous-Driving Group to Add Rival Carmakers

BMW AG is close to coaxing at least two major carmakers to the coalition it launched in 2016 to speed development of self-driving-car technologies.

Car/Ride Sharing

VW, Intel Partner on Autonomous Ride-Hailing Fleet

Volkswagen AG and Intel Corp. are launching a joint venture that will develop autonomous ride-hailing vehicles and services in Israel.

Chevy Blazer Tapped for Next EcoCar Challenge

Student teams from 12 universities will modify a 2019 Chevrolet Blazer crossover vehicle in the next EcoCar Challenge.

Autonomous Vehicles

Americans Leery of Self-Driving Tech But Expect It Anyway

One in five Americans would consider owning a fully autonomous vehicle today, and 27% say they would ride in a robo-taxi, according to Intel Corp. and PSB Research.

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