Kobe Steel Indicted for Decades of Falsified Quality Data

Kobe Steel Ltd. has been indicted in Tokyo on charges of falsifying quality reports on its metal products for decades.


Prosecutors Expected to Indict Kobe Steel in Doctored Data Scandal

Police in Japan have turned over to prosecutors evidence about fabricated quality reports at Kobe Steel Ltd.


U.S. Consumers Sue Kobe, Toyota for Below-Grade Steel

A U.S. lawsuit claims Kobe Steel Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corp. committed fraud by concealing the use of substandard steel in Toyota vehicles.


Toray Admits Falsifying Quality Data on Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber supplier Toray Industries Inc. is the latest Japanese company to admit it has been falsifying data about the quality of its products, the Financial Times reports.


Mitsubishi Materials Admits to Falsifying Quality Data

Mitsubishi Materials Corp. says certain products made by three of its affiliates failed to meet company or customer standards but were shipped anyway.


Kobe Steel Will Automate Quality Reports

Kobe Steel Ltd. says it will spend about 10 billion yen ($88 million) to set up a quality control division and automate key inspection systems in the wake of scandals involving falsified data.


Kobe Steel Reports More Falsified Data Problems

Japan’s Kobe Steel Ltd. says it has found another case of employees falsifying reports about product quality and performance, this time at a subsidiary that cuts steel plates, Reuters reports.


Japanese Carmakers Say Aluminum from Kobe Steel Is Safe

Honda, Mazda and Toyota say hoods and other exterior components made with improperly inspected sheet aluminum supplied by Kobe Steel Ltd. are safe.


U.S. Justice Dept. Seeks Data on Kobe Steel Scandal

The U.S. Dept. of Justice has asked that Kobe Steel Ltd. supply technical details about potentially subpar materials and products the Japanese company sold to U.S. customers.


Kobe Steel Reports 9 More Cases of Data Fraud

Kobe Steel Ltd. says falsified materials performance reports by its metalmaking operations occurred in China, Malaysia and Thailand as well as five facilities in Japan.


Kobe Adds Steel Wire to Products with Falsified Quality Tests

Kobe Steel Ltd. says it faked quality data about steel wire and rod made outside Japan and used in such products as tires and car engines.


Kobe Steel Warns of More Falsified Product Data

Kobe Steel Ltd. President Hiroya Kawasaki warned earlier today that a continuing internal investigation may turn up more of the company’s products whose quality and performance data were falsified.

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