Autonomous Vehicles

Uber Test Driver Pleads Not Guilty of Killing Pedestrian

Grand jury says driver is in charge, autonomous system or not.


GM Files New Bribery Lawsuit Against FCA

Fresh tack to be tested in a Michigan circuit court.


Ghosn Aide Pleads Not Guilty on Pay Charges

With Ghosn in exile, Kelly faces the music as sole individual defendant.


Daimler Will Pay $1.5 Billion for Diesel Emission Cheating in U.S.

Settlement covers 250,000 diesel sold in 2009-2011.


Daimler Slapped with Second Injunction over Patent Use

Nokia and now Sharp win okay to block sales in Germany...at a price


Ex-VW Chief Winterkorn Faces Trial in Diesel Scandal

German court cites “predominant likelihood” of fraud conviction.


Second Ex-UAW President Charged in Corruption Probe

Dennis Williams indicted for embezzling union funds


Court Won’t Reconsider Ruling on VW Emission Updates

VW vows Supreme Court plea to bar local enforcement

Car/Ride Sharing

Uber, Lyft Get Reprieve in California

Gig employment issue now will be decided in November election


Nokia Wins Patent Ruling on Connectivity Tech

Defends cellular connectivity patents in German lawsuit against Daimler


EV Startup Canoo IPO Due This Year

$2.4 billion deal is the latest in reverse merger deals


GM Tries Once More on FCA Racketeering Charges

Options running out in second bid to revive lawsuit


Calif., 5 Carmakers Agree on Tougher Emission Rules

Seeking middle ground between Obama, Trump era standards


Judge Rejects GM’s Attempt to Revive FCA Lawsuit

It’s back to appellate court as GM tries to establish damages


Auto Alliance Backs VW Plea on Emission Updates

Arguing to block regional enforcement of pollution-tampering laws


FCA Blasts GM’s Espionage Charges as “Despicable”

The posturing continues as both sides claim the high ground


Levandowski Sentenced for Stealing Robo-Car Data

The end of years of high and low drama


GM Charges FCA with Corporate Espionage

New claims of offshore accounts, boardroom moles and more


Tesla Picks Texas for New Plant Site, Files Lawsuit Against Rivian

There’s never a dull moment for the EV giant  


FCA Offices in Europe Raided in Diesel Cheating Probe

Under scrutiny, again, for using illegal control software


Suppliers’ Legal Battle Rattle EV Plans at Ford, GM, VW

Outcome could threaten timing of EV programs at all three carmakers


Ex-VW Manager Will Finish U.S. Prison Term in Germany

Two more years to serve for role in diesel emission cheating scandal


Tesla Busted in Germany Over Autopilot Claims

Another slap on the wrist for touting the autonomous capabilities of its cars


VW Faces Another Wave of Diesel Lawsuits in Europe

High court ruling makes it easier for Europeans to sue the company