Tesla Buys Canadian Battery Maker

Tesla Inc. has acquired Hibar Systems Ltd., a Richmond Hill, Ont.-based battery company.


Tesla Developing Its Own Battery Tech?

Tesla Inc. has established a small “skunkworks” team to develop its own batteries, sources tell CNBC.


Tesla Buys Ultracapacitor Supplier

Tesla Inc. has agreed to purchase Maxwell Technologies, a San Diego-based company that specializes in ultracapacitor technology, for $218 million.


Supplier Unveils Capacitor to Replace Starter Batteries

Maxwell Technologies Inc., an energy storage technology developer, is introducing an aftermarket 12-volt ultracapacitor it says can replace the typical array of as many as three lead-acid batteries commonly used to start heavy-duty diesels.

Firm to Develop Advanced Ultracapacitors for U.S. Army

Littleton, Colo.-based ADA Technologies Inc. says it has received a $70,000 contract from the U.S.