Takata Recalls Another 10 Million Airbag Inflators

Takata—the bankrupt airbag supplier responsible for the world’s largest auto-related recall ever—is throwing another 10 million defective devices into the mess.

Satisfying Vehicles

The AutoPacific 2018 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSAs) were announced last week.


Solutions for Success

Bosch has developed the Climo mobile air lab that provides real-time measures of city air quality so countermeasures can be taken sooner rather than later.

Volkswagen’s Warranty Power to the People

When you buy a new car or truck, chances are you do so for some reason that has to do with need—your previous vehicle is on its proverbial last legs or you have started a family and somehow that Miata just won’t cut it any more or some other external factor—or desire—you see that new model and know that you just HAVE TO have it because you just do.


Electronic Work Instructions Aid Quality

Providing electronic instructions not only helps operators, but because changes can be automatically made in case of quality glitches, they can maintain production flow.


Tools for Improved Quality

Here’s a look at some recent developments in the metrology arena that can help you improve your production quality.


Better Inspection Software Improves Quality Management

3D metrology software can leverage the capabilities of measuring equipment in a myriad of ways.


Creating Quality for Leather Interiors

Although more and more OEMs have leather trim packages for vehicles at all levels, you might be surprised to learn about how some of that material is processed.


Achieving Custom Measurements from Modular Components

While everyone wants a custom measuring system, full-on customization can be costly. A system built with modular components can fit the bill— in the quality and financial senses.


Quality Assurance

Let’s face it: with the proliferating number of recalls, something is happening in the area of quality at companies both small and large—something that isn’t necessarily good. These tools may mitigate some of that.


Quality Tools

New developments that can help you assure part and/or assembly quality.


Direct from the Cloud: Quality Management Documentation

Software for automating the production of quality inspection packages can save manufacturing companies a stunning amount of time. That the software is cloud-based is merely a technicality.

Lasers Prove Fast and Accurate for Fiat (and Ram) Van Production

Here’s how the use of laser scanners on the ends of horizontal measuring machines are allowing the Fiat Doblò (and the Ram ProMaster City, which is based on the Fiat) to be manufactured with accuracy.


VW’s Powertrain Approach, GM Recalls, IQS Numbers, & More

So there’s the new, but now-familiar Volkswagen GTI with its 2.0-liter, direct-injected turbocharged engine that produces 217 hp.


Yes, It’s a Jeep

The 2015 Jeep Renegade, which will arrive in showrooms later this year—showrooms literally around the world—is in some ways quite unlike any other Jeep ever developed and built.


Mary Barra Talks Culpability and Commitment

Yesterday, General Motors CEO Mary Barra held a town hall meeting for GM employees around the world to discuss the status of the ignition-switch recall and its consequences.

Building Them Like They Used To?

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to” is often said in the context of how things were better back in the day.


Amelia Island & Automotive History

Bill Warner tells a story of how he was holding a seminar at which Sir Stirling Moss—was to speak.


Quality Tools: Digital & Physical

Looking to boost the quality of your designs or on parts being produced? Check out these developments.

Interiors & Electronics

2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD

So you get a bunch of folks together who spend a lot of time talking about the auto industry, and before too very long, the subject of Lincoln comes up.


All Auto Wants for Christmas. . .or Doesn’t

Let’s say that you’re getting ready for a big Christmas party tonight. . .and you’re in desperate need for a break (before you lose that holiday cheer). Here’s a diversion for an hour or so: The “Christmas Holiday Special.” No reindeer.


Jaguar Quality Sinks

In the 2012 Car Reliability Survey, Consumer Reports put Jaguar in the 28th spot.


GM's New Approach to Quality

 On June 4, Automotive News (autonews.com) reported that Mark Reuss, GM North America president, was instituting a new compensation structure for salaried employees—all salaried employees, be they designers, engineers, or executives—that would tie a portion of their bonus to customer loyalty.