Autonomous Vehicles

Interiors: The Key for Autonomous Vehicles

A radical change in the interiors of vehicles is coming as autonomous driving technologies free “drivers” to do other things, says Randy Miller, EY’s global automotive and transportation industry leader.


Personal Mobility as an “Oasis”

EY has again partnered with Swiss mobility tech innovator Rinspeed to help show how tomorrow’s self-driving vehicles may look and function.


ZF in the Oasis

What you’re looking at is the “Intelligent Rolling Chassis” ZF has developed for the Rinspeed Oasis, a concept vehicle.


Bosch, Harman, Mercedes, VW Nab Interior Design Awards

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Volkswagen Budd-e won Interior Design of the Year honors for a production and concept vehicle, respectively, at this year’s Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart.


EY and the Future of Mobility

EY’s latest Around the Globe report, hosted by Global Automotive & Transportation Leader Randy Miller, showcases Etos, an automatic concept vehicle developed with Swiss mobility tech company Rinspeed.


Meet Your Self-Driving "Budii"

Cars that can drive themselves are definitely in our future. But developing them will require help from companies outside the traditional auto industry.


The Future of Urban Mobility

  Self-driving car are inevitable, in part because the technology to achieve them is already here, says Randy Miller, Global Automotive & Transportation Leader for EY.


The Future of Steering (Wheels)

Will self-driving, or autonomous, vehicles mark the end of steering wheels?


Rinspeed: Leave the Driving to It

Although the Geneva Motor Show doesn’t occur until next March, Frank M.


microMAX and a New Approach to Seat Belts

TRW's seat belt concept for the microMAX.


Rinspeed’s Innovative Dock+Go

Anyone who has driven a smart fortwo and has been, say, to Costco knows that the vehicle, while cute, is a bit shy on the cargo side of things.

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