Subaru Kills BRZ, New Sports Coupe Coming

Next-generation model and its Toyota twin could debut next year

New Toyota/Subaru Sports Coupes May Get Toyota Platform

Toyota Motor Corp. and Subaru Inc. may move from the current Subaru chassis to a Toyota architecture for second-generation versions of their co-developed sports coupes.

Toyota Revives Yaris Hatchback

Toyota Motor Corp., which stopped producing its slow-selling Yaris hatchback in January, will launch an all-new version of the small car in September.

Toyota Confirms Second-Gen GT86 Sports Car

Toyota Motor Corp. says it is moving forward with plans to launch a second-generation version of the GT86 sports coupe.

Toyota: No Plans to Produce S-FR Coupe Concept

The tiny S-FR coupe, which was introduced as a concept car in 2015, won’t be part of Toyota Motor Corp.’s “three brothers” sports car lineup.


Toyota Expands Airbag Inflator Recall to 1.7 Million Units

Toyota Motor Corp.’s latest recall to replace explosion-prone Takata Corp. airbag inflators involves 1.7 million vehicles worldwide, 75% of them in the U.S.


Subaru Recalls 394,200 Cars for Fuel Gauge, Engine Flaws

Subaru Corp. is launching two U.S. recalls to fix faulty fuel gauges and engine valves in nearly 394,200 vehicles.

2019 Toyota Yaris Update Includes Revised Name

Toyota Motor Corp. is tweaking the name of its subcompact sedan in the U.S. again.


Toyota Swaps N. American Sales Chiefs for its Toyota, Lexus Brands

Toyota Motor Corp.’s current vice presidents for Lexus and Toyota brand sales operations in the U.S. have switched jobs, Automotive News reports.


Charges Dismissed in Toyota Sudden Acceleration Case

A federal judge in New York City has dismissed a criminal charge that Toyota Motor Corp. misled lawmakers and government regulators about problems with its cars accelerating suddenly.


The Eighth-Generation Camry: Inside Info

The eighth-generation Camry is unlike any of the preceding models within the nameplate’s life, but it is also unlike anything we’ve seen from Toyota brand (i.e., absenting the former Scion or the currently existing Lexus brands) probably since the last-generation Celica (RIP, 2006). That’s because the 2018 Camry was not just imagined, styled, engineered, and built so as to be a car that has superb quality, reliability and durability—things that have long been hallmarks of the family sedan—but actually to be exhilarating and engaging for those who are looking for something more than what’s pretty much been on offer in Toyota showrooms.


Kia Creates a Crossover—Hybrid

Steve Kosowski, manager, Long Range Planning & Strategy at Kia Motors America says that back in 2011-2012, the executives at Kia in Korea—as well as their opposite numbers at Hyundai—decided that they needed to develop an all-new platform for an “eco vehicle.” This vehicle could come in different flavors, conceivably, as in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full EV.


Creating the C-HR

Yes, this is a Toyota. A production crossover. One that will clearly appeal to those who are wondering where Scion has gone.


L.A. Dealer Group Pays $3.6 Million to Settle FTC Charges

Sage Automotive Group in Los Angeles has agree to pay customers more than $3.6 million to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission that it used deceptive advertising, sales and financing practices.

Toyota Primed for Next-Generation GT86

Toyota Motor Co. is finalizing plans for a second-generation version of the GT86 sports car it co-developed with Subaru-maker Fuji Heavy Industries Inc.


Toyota, Mazda Partnerships May Include EVs, Connected Car Tech

Electric and connected vehicle technologies are two of at least 10 potential areas of collaboration being evaluated by Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp., Bloomberg News reports.


Box Full of Soul

Michael Sprague, chief operating officer and executive vice president, Kia Motors America, makes an interesting observation about things of a boxy nature—vehicles of a boxy configuration, that is.


2016 Scion FR-S

Let’s face it: Scion cars have, by and large been somewhat orthopedic in their design (the exception would be the tC, the exception that proves the rule as its stylishness gave it considerable attention and even credibility outside the expected audience), as in practical, straightforward.


Toyota Through June

Paul Holdridge, Vice President of Sales Operations of the Toyota Division, said during a discussion of June 2016 sales, “We remain optimistic. . .And look forward to the 2nd half of 2016.” That’s probably because the first half of 2016 was a bit off for Toyota Division (including Scion, but excluding Lexus). That is, through the first half, its sales were down 2.5%, and they were off 6.2% for June.


Toyota Adds 1.6 Million Vehicles in U.S. to Takata Airbag Recall

Toyota Motor Corp. is adding 1.6 million vehicles to the 3.1 million cars it is already recalling in the U.S. to replace Takata Corp. airbag inflators that could explode.

Graduated Payments

As May draws to a close, there is an increasing number of colleges that have shown their senior class the mortarboard, the podium, the certificate, and the door.

Most Toyota and Lexus Models to Adopt Automatic Braking by 2017

Toyota Motor Corp. says it will standardize automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems on 25 of the 30 Toyota and Lexus vehicles it sells in the U.S. by the end of 2017.

Translating Scion

In an automotive landscape where alphanumerics are replacing more conventional words, as in “names,” the shift of Scion products to Toyota badges is resulting in a replacement of another nature because Scions from the start never had names that weren’t combinations of letters that didn’t spell words (e.g., “Scion” is a word; “xB” is, well, xB). So consider the Scion FR-S.

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