Recycling & Scrap Reclaim: Machinery Technology Advances as 'Circular Economy' Takes Hold

The circular economy and recycling were the top themes at K 2019, and machine builders responded with new systems to improve equipment performance and material quality.

IBM Touts Next-Gen EV Battery Tech

New chemistry is said to be cheaper, more powerful, faster to charge, less volatile and more sustainable than current lithium-ion batteries. 

Learn from Injection Molding’s Thought Leaders: Register Now for Molding 2020

The world’s premier injection molding technical conference comes to Chicago, March 17-19.

Brush Up on Recycling in Honor of America Recycles Day

Plastics are an extremely important part of our daily lives—and their proper disposal is extremely important as well. Recycling is the key to saving energy and keeping plastics out of oceans and landfills. In honor of America Recycles Day, check out Recycling 101 on This Is Plastics to brush up on the basics, and go beyond to see how the industry is innovating to recycle more plastics or turn these resources into energy.

Sustainability and Circularity at NPE2021

Circularity will be a show-defining feature of NPE2021, including an expanded, dedicated exhibit zone spotlighting sustainability.

Second Act for Shaffer’s Consulting Business Includes Sustainability

Machinery and molding veteran restarts consulting business with an eye on technology and ecology.

Porsche Program for Carbon Offsets

Drive a Porsche. Help save the environment.

Audi, Aluminum, Environment

Audi looks to its supply chain to help transform the company to a carbon-neutral manufacturer

Braskem, Kautex, Erema Partner to Showcase Circular Economy in Action at K2019

Live demos include the production of three-layer HDPE bottles with a foamed middle layer, made with bioplastics and PCR, as well as recycling the bottles on-site during K.  

Happy Birthday, Bentley

Bentley celebrates its centenary with a concept car

Plastics and the Environment

A materials processor acknowledges it is important to contribute to the circular economy.

California, Canada and Counting Cars

According to widely accepted statics, if California was a country, it would have the fifth largest economy in the world.

Ban ‘Single-Use’ Plastics? What If They’re Not ‘Single’ Use?

Today’s high-quality bowls and trays for deli foods and restaurant carry-out should not be branded with the despised “single-use” label.

Dow's Landes to Address the Future Role of Plastics with Sustainability at Center Stage

Also the current president of SPE, Landes will be the keynote speaker at the 2019 SPE Thermoforming Div.’s conference.

Good News for Diesel

Yes, that headline is correct.

Bosch Goes Green(er)

Not only are they addressing emissions, but they are also working toward greater levels of innovation at Bosch.

Energy at Honda Manufacturing

The Honda Transmission Manufacturing of America plant in Russells Point, Ohio, which produces more than 850,000 transmissions per year, is the first automotive transmission manufacturing facility in the U.S. to earn the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification.

Porsche Making Earth Day Every Day

Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) is working with South Pole, a Swiss organization that develops programs to help companies and organizations of all types to reduce their carbon footprint.

Lead the Conversation, Change the Conversation

Coverage of single-use plastics can be both misleading and demoralizing. Here are 10 tips for changing the perception of the plastics industry at your company and in your community.

Carbon Fiber and Recycling

One of the key drivers for the use of carbon fiber composites is that the materials are both strong and light.

Plastics: Lead the Conversation, Change the Conversation

Perhaps more than any time in its history, plastics as a material is under greater scrutiny than ever before. How will the industry that uses it as its primary raw material respond?

New Closed Loop Study Takes Closer Look At Innovative Recycling Tech

There are reportedly at least 60 technology providers developing transformational technologies that purify, decompose or convert waste plastics into renewed raw materials. 

Audi Saves Water in Production

“A prolonged dry spell coupled with soaring, record-breaking temperatures has been a horrible combination for farms from Scandinavia and England in the north to France, Netherlands, and Germany to the south.

GM Going for Wind

When it comes to its U.S. sales of electric vehicles, GM’s future is undoubtedly going to be brighter than its past.