Building a Case for Hemp-Based Car Parts

A natural high for sustainable biomaterial

Autonomous Vehicles

A Business Case for Self-Driving EVs: Farming

They can drive themselves, improve crop yields and cut costs

Materials & Lightweighting

Dandelions and Tires

It’s starting on bikes, but Continental expects to eventually spread the green technology to cars


Big Increase Projected for "Green" Hydrogen

Annual investments to surpass $1 billion by 2023

Intelligent Transportation

A Ray of Sunshine for EV Charging?

Solar-powered roadway energizes Georgia charging station


GM, BorgWarner Lead Auto Industry in Responsibility Report

Tech companies account for four of top five


Chinese Battery Maker Ramps Up Plans

Cobalt-free units due next year, $2.4 billion European plant to open in 2023


Partners Target Bioplastic Interior Trim

Molecular recycling and non-petroleum feedstocks take shape


Reinventing the Electric Motor

Infinitum’s printed circuit board design promises significant performance, packaging, manufacturing and cost benefits


Walmart Cruises Ahead with Green Autonomy

Providing customers with contactless autonomous delivery, while saving the environment with renewable energy

New Signage Readied for PSA and FCA Buildings

The forthcoming 50:50 merger is to close by the end of Q1 2021. And now they’ve got a logo for it

Autonomous Vehicles

Partners Target Improved Powertrain Efficiency Via V2X

Development program is part of new DOE “Grand Challenge”


MAN Fuels Up with Hydrogen

Truckmaker eyes fuel cell and hydrogen ICE applications

Materials & Lightweighting

Tire Recycling Has Become Less Circular

New applications needed to keep pace with growing volume


F-150 Gets Digital Owner’s Manual

Everything you want to know at your touchscreen fingertips, while saving tons of paper 


Roechling Touts New Bioplastic

Green material generates 90% fewer CO2 emissions than its petroleum-based counterparts


Hyundai’s Answer to “Who Are You Wearing?” — Scrap Waste

Recycled auto parts have never been so stylish


Mercedes Targets Profitable Future with EVs

Plans include cutting costs by 20% and achieving a double-digit operating margin.


Inficon Touts Improved Battery Leak Testing

Tiny leaks can lead to explosive problems


Cars, COVID-19 and Climate Change: Driving Sustainability Forward

Life cycle assessments show vehicles designed with lightweight aluminum result in reduced emissions without product sacrifices


JLR to Use Recycled Plastic in Car Interiors

Putting your feet down on CO2 savings


Tesla Outlines Next-Gen Battery and Other Future Plans

Breakthrough battery tech and $25,000 EV teased, but Wall Street wasn’t impressed


Toyota Expands Woven Mobility Universe

$800 million VC arm will invest in “growth-stage” tech companies

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