Sustainability Moon Shot

Greater cooperation called for to meet long-term goals


BMW Goes All In on Sustainability

Comprehensive plan targets 7 million electrified vehicles on the road by 2030


Toyota Touts New Electronics Plating Tech

Stamping-type process designed to cut waste and manufacturing emissions


Report: The Revolution Ahead for Automakers

Deloitte spells out what carmakers must do to excel


Trevor Milton of Nikola Talks Industry Disruption

Will Nikola become the Tesla of Class 8 trucking (the Tesla semi notwithstanding)? It sure seems like a good bet. And lots of investors are betting it will


GM’s Barra Says EV Switch Will Take Decades

GM sets its own pace for an all-electric future


Study: U.S. Car Sales Won’t Hit 17 Million Again Until 2026

AlixPartners: The industry was weakening before the coronavirus arrived


EVs Get Boost Under Germany’s New Stimulus Package

Chargers to be installed at every gas station


CAR’s Management Briefing Seminars Go Online

Special features aim to capture in-person experience


Ford Applies the Heat in Police Cruisers to Arrest Coronavirus

Bake for 15 minutes at 133°, repeat as needed


Save the Environment, Drive a Jeep?

Making a case for adding green credentials to off-road performance


Lotus Aims to Revamp EV Ownership Models

Partnership with British utility promises new charging infrastructure and smart grid tech


Toyota AI Ventures Extends Call for Innovation

The world has changed since the call was made at the 2020 CES

Fuel Cells

Volvo Group, Daimler Team Up on Fuel Cell-Powered Big Rigs

Can trucks save the hydrogen-based technology after a tepid response to fuel cell cars?


GM Expands Renewable Energy Program in Michigan

Solar and wind sources will generate 100% of U.S. facilities by 2030 


ZF Partners with Detroit Sewn on Face Masks

Essential protection for essential workers


McLaren Eyes Synthetic Fuels

Can the carbon-neutral technology eventually become a viable alternative to electric vehicles?


BMW Plots Post-Coronavirus Growth

$32 billion earmarked for advanced r&d over next five years


Sweden Tests Electrified Road

Wireless tech recharges EV batteries on the fly


Toyota Touts More Efficient Electrostatic Painting Process

Device enables 95% coating efficiency, reduces emissions and paint booth size

Interiors & Electronics

Can Your Car Help Protect You Against the Coronavirus?

Geely touts air purification system in new crossover


Fracking and Fatal Traffic Accidents

What are the impacts from the trucks hauling wastewater from fracking sites?

Materials & Lightweighting

Goodyear Envisions Self-Regenerating Tires

If you’re going to dream big, how about a car with adaptive tires that can regrow treads


Hengst Develops Reusable Oil Filter Module

Spin-on plastic unit promises to reduce combined steel and oil waste by 642,000 tons per year