Freudenberg Leans into Industry 4.0

CTO/COO Ted Duclos talks about dual roles and common objective

Autonomous Vehicles

Another Application for Geo-Fenced AVs: Factory Logistics

Partners team up on valet parking and other niches


Opposed-Piston Engine Developer Touts 2027 Diesel Emissions Capabilities

Achates moves closer to production, starting with commercial vehicles


Smart Wheelchair Tech Wins Toyota Mobility Challenge

Putting technology to work for those who need it most

Autonomous Vehicles

Quick Takes: Sensor Suites and Higher-Level Autonomy

LeddarTech, Renesas and Coast Technologies execs share their views


ZF Delves into the Middle(ware)

An important layer between traditional software and hardware that will help enable next-generation technologies


As Easy as Riding an E-Bike

Valeo scales electrification efforts with 48-volt bike system


Automotive Cybersecurity by the Numbers

2021 Upstream report indicates there’s a lot of room for improvement


Can a CVT Boost EV Performance?

Bosch says new gearbox can better balance efficiency and peak output


Escalade Gets Veoneer’s Next-Gen Night Vision Tech

Seeing is believing with latest thermal imaging system

Materials & Lightweighting

Building a Case for Hemp-Based Car Parts

A natural high for sustainable biomaterial

Additive Manufacturing

GM Adds Some Vroom to 3D Printing

Cadillac sports sedans to use additive manufacturing for functional and appearance parts

Autonomous Vehicles

A Business Case for Self-Driving EVs: Farming

They can drive themselves, improve crop yields and cut costs


Supplier Touts Quantum Leap in Solid-State Batteries

VW-backed startup overcomes tradeoffs in promising tech

Autonomous Vehicles

Aurora Buys Uber's AV Business

Startup bolsters resources as it nears commercialization, ride-hailing giant to focus on core business


Developers Aim to Diffuse AV Short Circuits

An alternative to full electrical redundancy


Big Increase Projected for "Green" Hydrogen

Annual investments to surpass $1 billion by 2023


A Ray of Sunshine for EV Charging?

Solar-powered roadway energizes Georgia charging station


Automakers, Suppliers Release AV Policy Roadmap for U.S.

Adapting and harmonizing safety standards to speed development and deployment of autonomous driving technologies


The Software Revolution Is Here

It’s a great time to be a software engineer in the auto industry.

Interiors & Electronics

Safety Tech: Five Items of Interest

Addressing the issues that are caused by collisions.


3 Things with Matthew Renna, Jon Allen and Terry Onica

Three people talk about three different things important in the industry. In this case: EVs, the Automotive Supply Chain, and Cloud Connected Vehicles.

Additive Manufacturing

Lunewave Touts Enhanced Radar

Startup lands new funding as it nears commercialization, 3D-printing is key

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