Cruise Gets OK to Test No-Driver Cars on Public Roads

California permit moves company closer to robo-taxi launch

Interiors & Electronics

New Caddys Up the Ante on Fast-Acting Suspension Tech

Don’t blink or you could be several hundred inputs behind

Autonomous Vehicles

Next-Gen Lidar Promises to Cut Costs by 70%

Level 2+ automation applications targeted in 2023

Autonomous Vehicles

Velodyne Signs 3-Year Deal to Supply Lidar to Baidu

Sensors to be used by Baidu's Apollo autonomous-car development alliance


Roechling Touts New Bioplastic

Green material generates 90% fewer CO2 emissions than its petroleum-based counterparts


Clarios Plans Improved Lead-Acid Batteries for EVs

Customized systems can provide more benefits

Fuel Cells

Pierburg Teams with BMW on Fuel Cell Blower

Integrated system aims to boost efficiency and reduce costs

Autonomous Vehicles

Smarter Adaptive Cruise for Truck Fleets

Startup targets 10%+ fuel efficiency gain


Tesla to Debut “Risky” Production System in Germany

Push for extremely modular design could backfire

Autonomous Vehicles

Nissan Readies Big Push into Semi-Robotic Driving

Aim is to collect usage data and cut system costs


Vendor Says Its Vacuum-Overlay System Could Replace Auto Body Paint

The automated film overlay process is touted as faster, more energy efficient and at least as durable as paint


Marvell Touts Improved Cybersecurity

Protecting cars against hackers takes a comprehensive, multi-layered strategy 

Interiors & Electronics

Pass the Steering Wheel, It's My Turn to Drive

Volvo patent shows moveable driver controls


Inficon Touts Improved Battery Leak Testing

Tiny leaks can lead to explosive problems

Interiors & Electronics

Acura Debuts 3-Chamber Passenger Airbag

Honda, Autoliv co-develop next-gen tech that promises to better protect against head injuries


New Hyundai Unit Targets Futuristic Mobility

Creating “Transformer-class” models and other “ultimate mobility vehicles”


Want to Pay Less for Maintenance and Repairs? Drive an EV

Electrified models currently are 50% less costly to own; even greater savings expected in the future


Canoo Takes “Skatekart” EV Chassis for a Spin

Integrated design can accomodate 75% of today’s cars and commercial vehicles