Autonomous Vehicles

Beer, Data & Big Rigs

A few weeks ago, a self-driving semi carrying 50,000 cans of Budweiser traveled 100 miles, from a weight station in Fort Collins, Colorado, to a depot in Colorado Springs.


Fast Trucks

One more thing about things that go really fast.


Volvo Trucks for Serious Hauling

Chances are, no one is going to ever haul 20 trailers connected together to form a 300-meter long chain, trailers that are carrying 40 containers full of Volvo spare parts.


Volvo Trucks’ Electric Cooling

Although fuel may be comparatively inexpensive right now, in the long haul there is a good likelihood that there will be price increases.


Volvo’s Carbon-Free Factory

It sometimes seems as though when the whole notion of “CO2-neutral” activities come up, some people tend to think that it is something rather limited in scope, like planting a whole lot of seedlings in a park to offset emissions from driving to the park.


Diesel Developments

Is the cup ~30% full or ~70% empty when it comes to clean diesel engines on Class 3-8 trucks?


Volvo Trucks and Other Swedish Gear

When you think “fashion” and “long-haul trucks,” you might think of. . .a flat-billed trucker’s hat.


Leave the Driving to SARTRE

The Volvo Trucks model FH is designed for the long haul.


Hybrid Hauls—Figuratively

Although “hybrid” for many people has come to connote things that are both small and not particularly peppy, that wasn’t the case late last month at the Wendover Airfield in Utah.