Audi, Deutsche Telekom Partner on 5G

Audi AG and Deutsche Telekom AG are developing a 5G-based connected transportation infrastructure in Ingolstadt, Germany.
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Audi AG and Deutsche Telekom AG have agreed to work together to develop a 5G-based connected transportation infrastructure in the carmaker’s hometown of Ingolstadt, Germany.

The next-generation cellular communications technology enables large amounts of data to be shared in real time among vehicles, pedestrians, the infrastructure and third-party partners. Connected vehicles and smart cities can use the technology to improve safety and traffic efficiency, Audi notes.

One of the first 5G projects the partners may launch would enable connected traffic lights and other road sensors to share anonymized data with cars.

The high-speed communication system also could be connected to parking providers to guide drivers to available spaces. Pedestrians and cyclists with 5G-enabled devices could be tracked to alert oncoming motorists of their presence.

Deutsche Telekom will begin installing a 5G network throughout the city over the next several months. Additional companies are expected to join the partnership to help create a comprehensive internet of things structure.

Audi also is testing 5G systems at manufacturing facilities in Germany. The company is partnering with Swedish telecommunications giant LM Ericsson on these applications.