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Bosch Books $3 Billion in Software Business

Adding an exclamation point to its 17,000-person cross-domain computing division


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In July, Bosch made it clear how important software is to its future with the formation of a new Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division, which will encompass 17,000 people when it formally launches next month.

Money Talks

                        Bosch vehicle computers (Image: Bosch)

Underscoring the earlier news (with a giant exclamation point), the company says it has landed orders totaling $3 billion since this summer for “vehicle computers.”

“Vehicle computers have huge business potential for Bosch,” asserts Harald Kroeger, a member of the Bosch management board.

For What?

Bosch supplies controllers for powertrain and driver assistance systems, and soon will add body electronics and cockpit units.

Bosch’s new Cross-Domain Computing division will employ 17,000 people. 

But the real goal is a high-powered centralized computer that combines multiple ECUs.

With computing power of several billion operations per second, central domain computers are capable of processing the big data needed for automated driving, data-based services and over-the-air software updates, Bosch notes.

Information Domain is King

One example: Bosch says it is developing an information domain computer for next-generation vehicles that will replace 10 current controllers.

Next-generation vehicle architectures with central domain controllers

Such systems reduce complexity, costs and packaging requirements (less wiring) and boost performance by sharing data faster and more directly.


The value of software is expected to triple to 30% of the content of future vehicles from 10% today, Bosch says, citing a McKinsey study.

With its new division and powerful domain controllers, Bosch aims to help lead the effort.


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