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Bosch Invests in DeepMap Startup

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Robert Bosch GmbH has made an unspecified investment in DeepMap Inc., a Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup specializing in mapping technologies for autonomous vehicles.

DeepMap says its approach allows companies to create customized high-definition maps with different characteristics and data structures that can be continuously updated on a real-time basis. Teaming inputs from onboard lidar, radar and other sensors with stored cloud-based data, DeepMap can pinpoint a vehicle’s location down to the centimeter level and identify lane position, drivable areas, crosswalks, signs, traffic signals and restrictions.

Data can be captured, updated and shared by consumer vehicles equipped with the technology rather than relying on collection by dedicated survey fleets. This allows for a less expensive scalable approach, according to DeepMap.

The company was founded in early 2016 by CEO James Wu and Chief Technology Officer Mark Wheeler, both of whom previously helped develop Google Maps. DeepMap’s 75-member team also includes veterans of Apple Maps, Google Earth and Baidu’s HD Map program.

Bosch has been developing HD maps with several partners over the last few years, including Here, Tetravue and TomTom.


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