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Bosch Making Big Commitment to AI

Not only developing the tech, but making sure its people are trained in the ethics related to using it
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While there are lots of people talking about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the like for a variety of applications—including automated driving—at CES Bosch made it clear that if it isn’t going all in on AI, it is solidly in the game, as Michael Bolle, member of the Bosch board of management stated: “Bosch aims to become an innovation leader in the field of AI.”

Bosch automated driving

On the way to automated tech, Bosch is investing heavily in AI development and training. (Image: Bosch)


More Than Talk

And the proverbial money where his mouth is is there: the company is undertaking a training program over the next two years to make 20,000 of its associates ready for AI—clearly, no small investment, that—and the company is making an annual spend of 3.7-billion euros in software development. It is spending some 100-million euros in the construction of a campus dedicated to AI in Tübingen, Germany, which it plans to have completed at the end of 2022. Approximately 700 AI experts will be based there.

The AI training program is rather innovative not only for an automotive supplier, but even for an OEM.

There are training formulas developed for managers, engineers and AI developers.

Ethical Training

One of the key parts of this training: guidelines to assure that AI is being used responsibly. Yes, this means the company is going to be training in the areas of security and, importantly, ethics.

“Anyone who has internalized technical and ethical principles knows how important data security and sovereignty are,” said Bolle, who added, “In a way, trust is the product quality of the digital world.”

And for companies developing automated driving tech, trust is key.


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