| 10:32 AM EST

Bosch Targets Big Growth for Automated Driving and Connected Car Systems

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Robert Bosch GmbH expects autonomous and connected car technologies to play an increasingly significant role in its future.

The company’s sales of advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) will top €1 billion this year, Bosch board member Dirk Hoheisel tells Automotive News Europe. The business includes driver assistance systems and related camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors, according to Hoheisel, who oversees the company’s chassis systems, car multimedia, automotive electronics, steering and systems integration.

Hoheisel predicts the penetration of new vehicles in Europe equipped with some level of smartphone integration and/or “communication boxes” will jump from 15% of the market today to more than 50% by 2020. He says Bosch is targeting a “significant” share of the connected market by then.

Hoheisel says the first wave of ADAS technology likely will focus on automated parking, including autonomous valet service starting in 2018. This will be followed by systems that allow for autonomous driving on highways by 2020. He doesn’t envision full self-driving applications to take hold until well after 2025.

The company showcased several new automated driving technologies it’s developing at an event this summer. In addition to in-vehicle sensors, controllers and infotainment systems, Bosch launched its own cloud-based Internet of Things platform earlier this year.

Bosch’s ETAS subsidiary also is working on new cybersecurity modules to shield vehicles from hackers. Proper safeguarding requires dual architectures with multiple encryption levels to separate infotainment devices from safety critical systems, Hoheisel says.