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General Motors has lagged most other carmakers when it comes to electric vehicles.

But the company aims to close the gap in coming years, with plans to launch 20 EVs worldwide by 2023. The effort will be led by Cadillac, which is expected to convert the bulk of its lineup to EVs by 2030.

The immediate focus, however, is to support current EV owners and encourage others to make the jump to electrification. This means alleviating customer concerns about charging the vehicle.

Chevy Energy Assist

To this end, Chevrolet is enhancing its Energy Assist program for Bolt EV owners.

Image: Chevrolet

The system, which was launched in 2017 as part of the myChevrolet smartphone app, is designed to help motorists locate and book time at available charging stations. Users now can access 40,000 charging stations in North America, including 30% more DC fast chargers than last year.

The system is integrated with EVgo and ChargePoint’s network of stations. This includes real-time status updates to indicate if a charging unit is available. Information for additional charging providers will be added later this year.

What’s New

At eligible stations, owners can link their EVgo account to activate and pay for charging sessions directly from myChevrolet. This streamlines the payment process and eliminates the need to toggle between apps as currently is required.

Coming soon, Bolt owners also will be able to review and rate charging stations. Like Yelp and other other online platforms, the myChevrolet app will let users provide a (1-5) star rating and post comments about a station.

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